2023 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – The Victoria Skye by Wong Tung & Partners Limited

Kai Tak, set to be transformed into second Central Business District (CBD2), will feature a “Kai Tak Grid Neighbourhood” to provide a full range of residential, recreational, leisure and entertainment facilities, as well as commercial and public administration in the city core. Blessed with advantage for having newly opened Kai Tak MTR station at the doorsteps, after commissioning of the MTR Shatin to Central Link it only takes minutes to reach Central and Admiralty, the existing Central Business District (CBD). Perfect accessibility to the two commercial cores CBD and CBD2, with integrated multi-dimensional commercial, residential and recreational amenities, Kai Tak is yet to be developed into a diversified community promoting the concept of vibrancy and energy. Located at the heart of the Kai Tak Metropolis, VICTORIA SKYE offer infinite opportunities and strategic potentials.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023

The Victoria Skye
Residential Architecture Multi-Unit (Built)

Wong Tung & Partners Limited

John Yuen

Design Team
John Yuen, Philip Chen, Gabriel Chan, Joanna Wong, Zephyr Lam, Tracy Yip

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

©Wong Tung & Partners Limited

On a site of 8,720 square metre, VICTORIA SKYE is a residential development comprised of two high-rise residential towers, each with 35-storey, and four low-rise residential blocks, each with 5-storey, providing a total of 822 units.

To echo the “Gird Neighbourhood” urban planning strategy in Kai Tak and to achieve a harmony and consistency of massing and visual expression in the entire district, master planning of the development is done respecting the idea of axes. A primary axis is designed at the central parallel to the long side of the site, connecting two towers at both ends. Secondary axis is then designed perpendicular to the primary axis crossing with it at the centre of the site. Four low-rise blocks sit at central of the site in symmetrical positions of the two major axes. As result a hierarchy in massing with two high-rise towers at the perimeter, each twisted to achieve better view angles to sea view, embracing the four low-rise blocks at the centre in a smooth transition, celebrating the axes and the gird, is formed.

Two entrance plazas are designed to capture a sense of arrival to the development. At the vehicular and pedestrian entrance there is a delicately designed iconic column in the plaza as landmark. The ground floor of the development is designed vehicular free with all vehicular traffic located at basement to create a safe and comfortable circulation route on ground floor for pedestrian and an enjoyable journey to home.

Along the primary axis is the main circulation in the site connecting both entrance plazas, all towers and low-rise blocks. Trees are planted on both sides of the main circulation to highlight the axial circulation and provide a pleasure ambient atmosphere to pedestrian. Along the secondary axis is a 20-metre width breezeway and visual corridor throughout the site to enhance ventilation and visual interest to the surrounding area of the district. The central of the cite is designed as landscaped central garden with a plaza at the centre where the two axes intersect.

Aesthetically vertical lines are designed and highlighted with white aluminium cladding on towers and stone cladding on low-rise blocks facade. Façade design of the buildings coherent with the axes and grid theme.