2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Wenlan Hotel | VDD-View Dimension Design

There is a kind of “beauty” in the place where every story is born. When we meet each other, we are touched by it, and our hearts are rippled, A new story was born. ——Akira Mingdeng

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Wenlan Hotel
Hospitality Interior Built

VDD-View Dimension Design

VDD-View Dimension Design

Design Team
Qingyi Han, Quan He

Xinmi City, Henan Province, China


©Junyi Ai

The design of Wenlan Hotel is just like this. In the constant transformation of light, shadow, sound and color, through design guidance and emotional collision, it brings guests a living experience from novelty to calm, to extreme comfort and relaxation, and also gives the hotel more stories and temperature.

To get to the air lobby through the first floor, you need to go through the elevator hall. From the dark atmosphere of the elevator hall to the sunlight and rippling water in the lobby, the designer hopes that the guests will have an emotional transformation and immersion experience in the process of entering.

Although the lobby design is full of metal style, it breaks the tedium in the cooperation of light, shadow and sound, and adds the rhythmic texture of space. After the guests check in, swipe their cards and enter the corridor, which instantly becomes quiet, just like arriving at a new dream.

The ball lamp installation on the corridor platform makes the space more interesting and artistic, and adds some happy atmosphere to the guests during their stay in the hotel.

After entering the room, the guests can enjoy a wonderful journey rest through the designer’s careful design. The whole experience of entering the store is very rich and interesting. The designer hopes that the guests will have different space and emotional experience in the whole process.

“Time flies, and life is like a dream”. The room in this case is themed with “dream and time” to create a romantic and beautiful private space that combines reality with reality. Through the collision and integration of various elements, the design dialogue with users, enrich the language of the guest room, and show interest in the details.

In the hotel design, the sense of experience and comfort are very important. The public area of this case will draw people away from reality and lead people into the hall with artistic atmosphere step by step, which makes people yearn for; Then settle down in the corridor, return to peace, and depict time with dreams in a room; Finally, balance reality and fantasy in the restaurant, and get an exclusive and own experience of staying.