2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Window Of Dream Life Exhibition Center | CAPOL International & Associates Group Guangzhou Branch

Located in Zengcheng district, “Window Of Dream Life” Exhibition Center covers a construction area of ​​around 2,300 square meters, and it is designed to display the colorful life of young people. It takes a form similar to architectural “section” to attenuate the exterior as much as possible, and uses indoor and outdoor activities and spaces to define the character and color of the building. It is a “place” that has the functions of an exhibition center, and an architectural experiment exploring interesting topics like “architectural skin and color” and “visual boundaries of indoor and outdoor spaces”.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Window Of Dream Life Exhibition Center
Commercial Architecture (Built)

CAPOL International & Associates Group Guangzhou Branch

CAPOL International & Associates Group Guangzhou Branch

Design Team
CAPOL International & Associates Group Guangzhou Branch

Guangzhou, Guangdong


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The construction land only covers an area of 3,000 square meters, and the street-facing facade is only 50 meters wide. The architect proposes the concepts of “section” and “window”, and cuts apart the building with abstract sections. Then, the space inside the building and the activities of its users have become a part of the external image of the building, vividly and faithfully presenting the image of the “dream life” of young people through different sizes of sectioned “windows” and developing a unique facade image.

The facade of the building is covered with nearly 800 square meters of silver-white brushed aluminum plates and about 300 square meters of ultra-clear glass curtain wall, allowing the building to present a neutral texture and echo the sky and the environment. More importantly, it will turn over the task of demonstrating the colors and expressions of the building to the users of the indoor, landscapes, and interior and exterior spaces.

Inside the building, the interior design imbeds contents with different characteristics into the spaces of different sizes in the building.

Outside the building, the landscape design introduces diverse colored patterns and highly interactive landscape facilities, attracting the residents of nearby communities to get involved jollily.