2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – WX Corteva Agriscience | Studio BR Arquitetura

Based on the post pandemic flexible guidelines and with a but with a strategy of great reuse and creation of multifunctional areas, in addition to the standard areas of workstations and meetings, a new workplace project was proposed.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

WX Corteva Agriscience­
Corporate Interior (Built)

Studio BR Arquitetura

Bruna de Lucca

Design Team
Bruna de Lucca, Rodrigo Mancini, Tathiana Sarli, Tamires Cruz, Kayene Denzeler

Project Location
São Paulo, Brasil


©Maurício Moreno

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The aim of the project was to connect the collaborator to the brand through inspiring design, and to support all the current dynamics of hybrid, remote and collaborative work. The project started with the client’s management changes and then the architecture studio was responsible for converting the mapped data into a design and technical projects.

The neuroarchitecture, interior workplace and branding knowledge were emerged in to the workplace strategy to represent the essence and values ​​of the client. All current accessibility guidelines regulations were followed to ensure a fully inclusive space.  The solutions were apllied, side by side with the client, to guarantee all the technologies necessary for the total functioning of all areas, increasing internal flexibility and dynamism on to relationships and activities.

The project stands out for it biophilic design, in witch it organic shapes and curves projected onto the flooring and ceelings can carry the worker in a journey of descoverment of each space. The personalized LED lighting reinforces the paths and enchantment of each area, increasing well-being and engagement. The choice of designing predominantly curved spaces and shapes also aims to develop the perception of comfort in the project, once organic shapes represent much of the creation of nature itself and how it looks.

All areas are surrounded by wide paths and circulations that connect spaces in a fluid way, with almost no closed corridors in this project.

All typologies themes designes are linked to the creational pillar for this project: BRINGING THE COUNTRYSIDE TO THE CITY.

 Because the clients culture is present not only in people’s daily lives, but also in a journey of employees and production network, witch is located in the countryside far from cities,  the design was intendent to bring the countryside into the corporate space was heavily worked on in this project.

As the strategy of bringing the countryside into space, some countryside spaces were designed with the advantage of the ampleness of barns, which needed to be flexible and integrable. Large barn partitions create a countryside atmosphere and connect the worker to the countryside setting. Other materials such as exposed bricks, for specific and collective acoustic wooden baffles make up these collective spaces.

To increse innovation circular and semi-open meeting spaces are designed to inspire employees, such as areas surrounded by natural ropes and LED lighted ropes, circular areas with swings for informal meetings, circular areas for quick meetings with large translucent panels with the client’s printed crops, circular bleachers for meetings of multiple team sizes, among others.

Based in the allusion to the forms of nature, acoustic ceilings in beehive formats are inserted in the staff areas. Thus, not only enhancing the acoustics of these spaces, the rusticity of the apparent slab is sealed by rough acoustic blasting, improving collective environments.