2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Xiamen Humanity Hospital by Lemanarc SA

From dynamic lines to dynamic spaces

The interior design of Xiamen Humanity Hospital transforms the rigid passageways of traditional medical buildings into spaces full of service and vitality with a variety of detailed services.

Service-oriented spaces
The modular design of service-oriented furniture and service-oriented spaces promotes the gradual growth of the medical building as a vehicle for services. The interior spaces of the building are reserved for more than 100 detailed service furniture designs. Not only is the perimeter of the central light hall designed as a variety of service-oriented spaces, but even every otherwise simple aisle has been created as a beautiful node of medical life where one can stop and enjoy the pleasure of service.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022 (IIDA 2022)

Xiamen Humanity Hospital
Health Care Interior Built

Lemanarc SA

Vincent Zhang

Design Team
Vincent Zhang, Daniel Pauli, Thomas Florian, Pansy Ye



©Lemanarc SA

Space identity

The simple and active color allocation creates a concise and airy healing space. The space is expressing its own functions and services to users, and the sign system was designed and implemented in advance of the interior design in the form of architectural spaces and constructions. All colors and forms are designed to be recognizable and enjoyable. There is no need for any redundant decoration, the space only wishes to awaken the user to a clear and relaxed mood.

Culture and art

If white carries on the spirit of Xiamen’s sunny coast, the wood color expresses the tradition of shipbuilding and furniture here. The warm wood is rhymed against a warm neutral grey and white background, expressing care, and reinforcing the tranquility and warmth of the medical culture.

Cost-based control

The interior design reorganizes the overall building modulus and progressively implements the design concept of modulus and modularity into all the details of the building interior. From the standardization of the materials used to the slitting of the detailing, the design concept of modulus and standard dimensions was implemented, resulting in significant cost savings for the building through standardized procurement.

Efficient design and construction

With a time frame of only two years from design to completion, this ensures that the project is efficient from investment to operation to return, while allowing space and preparation for the future growth and refinement of the hospital’s operations. It is believed that as the hospital’s operations and services are further refined, Xiamen Humanity Hospital will take full advantage of the various provisions made in this future-oriented design, which will permeate all the meticulous services required for a healing life.