IASA 2018 Households

Habitation Costa by Crahay & Jamaigne

Three floors secondary house located in Stavelot (Belgium). The standard of living comprising mainly level -1, with a set of underground cellars, opens completely onto the valley and the outdoor pool through minimalist frames and a generous partially covered terrace. The ground floor distributes 3 bedrooms, 1 shower room, 1 laundry room, 1 office, 1 garage and the entrance hall. The floor is exclusively reserved for the owner of the premises; a generous suite and an independent lounge, located near two terraces incorporated in the volume of two sides of the roof, enjoy both the sun side of the road and the view to the rear of the field.

International Award for Sustainable Architecture Awards 2018
First Award | Category: Households
Architects: Jean-François Crahay
Studio Name: Crahay & Jamaigne
Country: Belgium

A break in each floor allows the light captured on the roof to penetrate the entire height of the building flooding the living room located in the garden.

A soil treatment consisting mainly of turf grass is used to park several road side vehicles. All furniture is designed and made to measure.

 TECHNIQUES: PAC heating home and pool + PV incorporated in the roof

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