WADA 2019 Mixed Use

Home-Office Palomares by Eduardo M. González Fraile

It is exposed a single family home with 3 courtyards; first one in the entrance, the second one in the living room, and the third one at the back with a complete openness and luminosity between them. There are in the front façade and at the back two terraces, over the street and over the back courtyard.

World Architecture & Design Awards 2019
Third Award | Category: Mixed Use
Architects: Eduardo Miguel González Fraile
Studio: Eduardo M. González Fraile
Country: Spain

The program is developed in ground floor, first floor and second floor recessed behind the first, communicated by ramps and central stairs illuminated from the second floor by series of windows that gives them a character of conforming element and foyer of different rooms.

The plot is located in Palomares street in Valladolid (Spain), where we made the main entrance of the front façade.

The plot is trapezoidal and flat. It has a surface of 124,28 m2, the front façade is 6,20m and 20 m length.

It is located in the old town, in the suburbs of the historical center of the city, in an old neighbourhood of single familiar houses, called “Millers houses”, now replaced by high apartments. Total control of space and permeability between the facades and courtyard are rescued from the old building type. The movement of volumetric of the building and the singular front façade makes the house remarkable.

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