2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Honorable Mention | Agile Skyline 715 | AFORM ARCHITECTS

As the transformation of old buildings, this project hopes to deduce traditional culture with contemporary methods, reflect strong “the milk of human kindness”, and integrate calligraphy and modernization.

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🏆 Honorable Mention
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Agile Skyline 715
Cultural Architecture Built



Design Team
Li Zhigang, Niu Zhanle, Liang Zhirong, Hu Yafeng, Gan You

Guangzhou, China



What the most troublesome of building renovation is not the supporting facility upgrading but the precious memory itself. The existing building of the site is a wharf warehouse with red bricks and black tiles. Under the trend of urban renewal, the original function of the site is fading, it will soon become a study and experience center. We hope its unique characteristic of industry can still be maintained, so as to evoke people’s nostalgia and memory of industrial time.

The designers hope that visitors can witness the change of history themselves as time goes by. To make a better activity space, we strive to optimize the form and keep the pitched roof style. In addition, the designers maintain the previous old factory wall, so it seems like the old time and new time will weave together, which makes guests feel like surrounded by a four-dimension space. The history can be fashion and enchanting, so is the industry.

The iconic brick red on the main façade and the metallic aluminum plate sprayed with rust red metallic paint complement each other, which contributes to a smooth texture and a sense of grandeur. Various shapes and arrangements of red brick masonry simulate the mottled and natural effect of the original brick wall in light and shadow.

The historical development of Huada warehouse was accompanied by a group of lovely cats. The designer combines cat IP with waterscape and building renovation. The glazed Manchuria window is one of the elements of Lingnan culture. The form of frame view creates a sense of drama both in time and space, leading us to an artistic situation by combining sculpture IP.

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