2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Honorable Mention | Mandapa of NORAH’s Culture | Taweecool Architects

Mandapa of NORAH’s Culture (House of Norah’s creator) is a building of Phor Khun Sri Sattha (the first creator of Norah’s culture) is enshrined. It was the centre of Norah’s heritage, consisted of unique characteristics in both concrete dimension and abstract dimension of modern Thai architecture in global contexts.

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🏆 Honorable Mention
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Mandapa of NORAH’s Culture
Cultural Architecture Concept

Taweecool Architects

Prof. Khiensak Seangklieng, PhD., ASA.

Design Team
Khiensak Seangklieng, Sirichai Thontong

Phatthalung, Thailand


©Taweecool Group

This building has three main components, the ‘base’ is large with integrated layers supporting ‘body.’ The ‘top’ becomes slender to form a conical spire. Each part of Mondapa has a balanced geometric plan, including circular, square, and polygonal shapes. ‘Body’ is the middle part of the Mandapa. Its shape plays a vital role in determining the form of the building.

Each of the three main components may have more designed details in each facet of the square plan.

Taweecool architects approach with un-conventional design of new building by re-interpreting the interior architecture in terms of qualities and values. Without free standing column or other elements by using only load bearing walls of innovative structure material with light-weight cellular concrete is applied that provided a sense of lightness as well.

Moreover, a sense of transparency, a sense of tranquility and coolness are also applied into the design as well as a sense of lightness of the ornament.

The practical circulation, ramp up is designed as a universal design for all users and their practicality as well as the visual approach of the main entrance of main staircase.

Inside the main hall, designed as the welcome gallery where the statue of Phor Khun Sri Suttha is enshrined. Interior space and its qualities are designed as the visual approach and a focal point of the Mandapa as well as  the ‘Thred’ (Norah’s crown) of the top of building which represents the symbol or the heart of Norah’s culture.

Mandapa of NORAH’s Culture design, aimed to addressing modern Thai character in global contexts of art and architecture with cultural heritage of Norah’s creator by Phor Khun Sri Sattha . Architectural design is art from that co-exists together with Norah’s dancing performance as well as the beautification of architectural expression.

It is an architect’s accountability with positive attitude toward the past to preserve and enhance the culture heritage of authentic place and hand it over to the next generation with pride of art and architecture appreciation.

The design of the Mandapa is to condense preserve and extend our Norah’s heritage into the future. By reinterpreting through the key design element used in the project is ‘a sense of lightness. Architects describe this conceptual approach in both tangible and intangible dimension of a traditional aspects.      .

He (lightness) plays like a body’s movement of Norah performance. Design outcome is express as having delightful and mysterious values that creates a sense of wonder and a sense of place of Norah’s origin.

The Mandapa design goals shall be the centre of learning the art and cultural heritage of Norah performance and developing skill of the pupils and young people interacting with the sustainable development of future community.

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