2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Honorable Mention | Gemdale Megacity | antao

This project is an experiment in the integrated design of Transit-Oriented Development, an exploration of community commerce in Fujian Culture.

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🏆 Honorable Mention
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Gemdale Megacity
Public Landscape Architecture Built



Design Team
Wei Zhu, Shenxie Wu, Kexian Song, Teng Zuo, Bingqian Liu, Xuanjing Dong, Xiaoxia Luo, Jingyu Zhu, Xiaolei Yu, Lifu Zhang, Xin Wang, Xinxuan Peng, Jie Wang, Kuan Qian, Zongyuan Yin

Suyang Station of Metro Line 2, Fuzhou, Fujian, China


©Shrimp Studio

Different from previous residential projects, the clients and the design team decided to use part of the residential land as a community public space, increase the urban open space, introduce more people to activate the community.

In the preliminary positioning, the design team cocreated two strategies with the clients and other professional departments. Firstly, defining the site as an extension of the TOD’s multiple services. Thereby, community commerce has activated tremendous energy in the urban public space renewal. Secondly, through the research on the local culture of Fujian province, creating university atmosphere for the community public space and making deeper cultural significance.

The site locates in the university town that was considered, finally defining the project as a campus-style community public space. Besides, proposing the theme of ‘Books, Stars, Music, Art, and Mathematics,’and correspondingly creates the five landscape space: Commercial Plaza, Ground Landscape Park, Philharmonic Theater, Bauhaus Art District, and Geometry Court. Meanwhile, the most representative cultural symbol is engraving words in the project, which combined with each theme as a unique decorative element to create the local cultural and historical atmosphere.

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