2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Honorable Mention | Shenyang Gemdale AI City | GEEDESIGN

In order to continue the development core of the integration of industry and city, we started from the master plan, and strived to create a space suitable for the local property; by means of decomposition, the spatial functions were broken, superimposed and reorganized to create a multi-node space. In the seemingly uncertain space, multiple nodes were placed to reconnect the space. Therefore, commercial and urban space achieved mutual flow and complemented each other in function.

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🏆 Honorable Mention
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Shenyang Gemdale AI City
Mixed-Use Architecture Built



Design Team
Li Yishu, Li Guoliang, Wang Jiakai, Wang Jiayu, Qian Mengxia, Gao Xinxian, Zhou Yijun, Luo Zhongliang, Ye Hua, Zhou Xueqin, Xu Wenjun, Huang Xiaocui

Shenyang, China


©Zeng Jianghe

In order to respond to the needs of the city and the site, we insisted on urban revitalization guided by urban design, thinking about the site in an unconventional way, from both professional and emotional perspectives, hoping to evoke people’s sense of identity with the city. Starting from the city exhibition hall, we continue the exuberant vitality of the city with innovation.

Space is a box that carries memory. The design concept of the project is “stacked boxes”, which expressed the emotion and treasure of life. While carrying the past, it is also full of longing for the future.

The architectural form adopted simple cuboid, which was divided into three boxes, the upper, the middle and the lower, according to the vertical functional requirements. The thick and thin lines, rigid and soft lines, virtual and solid lines walked in the space track, presenting the project with high-quality visual shock effect, and witnessing the stack of Shenyang city’s memory.

Quite different from traditional projects, Shenyang Gemdale AI City expressed the architecture aesthetic, and at the same time, it actively penetrated the surrounding people and nature with a more participatory character, and emphasized the wholeness and unity. We paid attention to the integration of the old and the new in the city, emphasizing the public nature of the building, hoping to promote the aesthetic improvement of the urban interface from the point to the surface.

Combined with the overlapping and occlusal movements of the volume, the project presented a visually striking tower in the air, forming a large cantilever facing the main street, and creating an identifiable urban coordinate with a super-scale spatial structure.

The “horizon” of depth was formed through the layers of retreat stage, which conveyed the vitality of the art space and enhanced the design quality and dimension.

In order to reduce the sense of pressure brought by the volume, in the use of materials, we chose a combination of New Zealand grey linen stone, high-transparency white glass and colored glazed glass. The collision of large grey and white color blocks was simple and with tension, and the site as the center exuded elegant charm to the surrounding area.

We hope that a variety of activities and events will take place here. Human communication activities will also affect the space and become the core of the vitality of the urban exhibition hall. The exhibition hall should not be a closed space, but an open and diversified “city living room” and the generator of art life.

Experiencers will also gradually tend to be in the same frequency with the field, perceiving different states of the space, which can be open, or seclured…… The interior and exterior blend and accommodate each other and respond to each other to form an “urban stage”. While continuing people’s experience and appreciation of the artistic conception of the integration of architecture and nature, it also carries the future and development of a city.

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