2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Honorable Mention | Fengyue Mansion Landscape Design | MEDG

Located in the historical city of Yancheng, China, the landscape design of Fengyue Mansion takes inspiration from Lingering Garden, one of the most beautiful gardens in Suzhou, continuing the academy culture of Yancheng for thousands of years. Adhering to the concept of “building gardens integrated with mountains and rivers”, the project uses design techniques from complex to simple to create a new Chinese garden landscape that combines traditional culture and modern aesthetics. It integrates the residence’s natural, cultural, and aesthetic elements into the entire landscape, presenting a poetic and picturesque ideal habitat full of oriental aesthetics.

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🏆 Honorable Mention
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Fengyue Mansion Landscape Design
Public Landscape Architecture Built


Shunqiang Huang

Design Team
Shunqiang Huang, Lu Yi, Qiong Wang

Yancheng, China


©Siyang Zuo

The project’s overall design is like a poem by Yan Shu, which features six progressive layers in space, and each layer of space has a scene. It fully displays the cultural heritage of Yancheng and interprets the sense of the Oriental Academy. The black brick footpath that enters the venue is shaded by green bamboos, like a row of green screens, while the black brick spreads out in a herringbone pattern on which visitors can walk leisurely and contentedly.

The frontage welcoming scenery wall straddles both sides of the driveway, with magnificent momentum. When turned around, the dense bamboo forest can be seen. The granite path is winding under the bamboo shadow; the secluded bamboo path contains the gentleman’s demeanor and the pursuit of modesty and self-sufficiency. The frontcourt of the entrance adopts an open layout to enhance the momentum of the entrance gate building, creating a picturesque landscape once entering the door. The magnificent gate and the roof follow the construction regulation of the royal family. Under the eaves, the famous painting “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains” in the Northern Song Dynasty matches both sides’ crystal scenery walls. The smart and transparent arrangement reveals an elegant and soothing Song-style aesthetic picture.

In traditional Chinese gardens, everything is hidden in a square inch of mountains and rivers, so that the harmony of the dweller and the surroundings is the true dwelling. Taking advantage of the natural lake and cultural context, Fengyue Mansion creates an oriental humanistic mansion with poetic habitation scenes through landscape design.

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