2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Honorable Mention | Minmetals International Plaza | Sanya MCC Minglan Development Co., Ltd

The project is located at the new CBD of Sanya. The government hoped to prompt industrial transformation and upgrading by developing the district, and then set a benchmark for Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone and create an area for developing new technologies and industries.

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🏆 Honorable Mention
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Minmetals International Plaza
Office Building Concept

Sanya MCC Minglan Development Co., Ltd

Sanya MCC Minglan Development Co., Ltd

Design Team
William Lang, Jessica Shen, Wei Chen, MingchaoXU, Zichen Liu, Xintong Li, Jiachen Zhou

Sanya city, Hainan Province, China


©Sanya MCC Minglan Development Co., Ltd.

Sited at the front area of CBD, it occupies a gross floor area of 55,799.15m2, with a height of 110m and 22 floors above the ground and 2 under the ground. It’s mainly used for office and commercial businesses.

Seeing on the map, the project sits at the intersection of Sanya’s CBD commercial axis and landscape corridor, enjoying a special and important location. In this way, we abandoned the common office building layout of enclosed tower and podium but tried to create a project that echoes the urban cultural context and stresses the concept of LOHAS COMMUNITY. The design goals and highlights are as follows:

A welcoming gesture. The building is in a gesture of inviting the citizens to enter. The open ground floor breaks the stereotype of a closed office building to build an urban living room through a close connection with the surrounding landscape.

Connection/penetration. The project generates an active dialogue with surrounding projects via the organization of the site circulations. It directs the flow of people from Yingbin Road, the main road, to the projects on the south and east sides, thus creating a real portal image.

A healthy work environment. The open public garden is set at the office floor in order to improve the social and working experiences.

A pleasant commercial space. The open commercial podium moderates commercial space with long depth and improves the functional divisions. A pleasant spatial scale could vitalize the city’s commercial environment.

The design of the building is based on simplicity, generosity and elegance. With Jade Tube Cong as its core shape, the tower is divided into four vertical blocks, making a slenderer and taller structure. The vertical lines that change upwards create a thriving image and echo the rolling sea waves. The hanging gardens have also brought more green features of Hainan to the project.

The facade design of the podium reflects the shape of sea wave with horizontal lines whose flexible curve changes are in sharp contrast to the tower. Matching with the podium’s division-and-combination feature, the facade demonstrates to the public a more active business atmosphere.

The first to third floors of the business sector are designed in a balcony-type style, from which citizens can receive a clear view of the commercial circulation on the upper level and the business stores. Such arrangement activates the commercial value of the podium’s upper levels and breaks the stereotype that the tower podium is a closed commercial box. The ground level commercial street, which is extended from south to north on the west side of the site, plays a positive role in guiding the passenger flow to the CBD while addressing the problem of excessive depth of the commercial space.

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