WADA 2019 Housing

House in São João de Ovar by Nelson Resende Arquitecto

The plot´s location presents good conditions of solar exposure, just as the rectangular configuration allows to maintain a proportion able to host a program of typology type T3, as intended.

World Architecture & Design Awards 2019
Second Award | Category: Housing
Architects: Nelson Resende
Studio: Nelson Resende Arquitecto
Team Members: Nelson Resende, João Almeirante
Country: Portugal
Website: www.nelsonresendearquitecto.com

The project, framed by the legal constraints, seeks to respond adequately to the program, developing for this purpose a two-story volumetry, with a program of public use in the ground-floor and of private use on the upper floor.

In both the lower and upper floors, the main use spaces have outside support areas (esplanades to support the living room and kitchen, patio to support the laundry, balconies to support the bedrooms), integrated not only in the construction itself as in treated outdoor spaces with garden and fences.

The garage space is also designed as a multipurpose room or space as it not only opens to the outside car access but also to the garden.

The housing also presents a certain differentiation in the way it interacts with the surroundings, keeping few openings and more controlled to the North, near the accesses, closing mainly the Est façade, tangent to pedestrian and car access space, and orienting the rooms and living room/kitchen essentially for West and at the lower floor also to South.

Covered or semi-covered exterior spaces such as the balconies of the bedrooms or the living room/kitchen allow enlarging the internal spaces and introducing moments of greater connection between inside and outside areas, promoting the full use not only of the built spaces but also of the adjacent external spaces.

The fence is made in corten steel and it’s drawing allows to maintain a careful image and whose formal result is almost only the transposition of the constructive result, which also reigns in the way the housing is built and appears, raw and apparently stripped of any intention of seeking beauty beyond what the building can give.

With regard to the finishing materials of the proposed construction, it is foreseen the use of a reinforced concrete structure, with some external facings in apparent concrete, and it is proposed to cover the lower floor with viroc panels, in the walls, both inside and outside, with a concrete floor and after the concrete strip between floors, the use of the etics system with plastered walls and painted in white on the outside and a plywood coating on the inside with a wooden floor.

This purposeful differentiation between floors helps distinguishing atmospheres, whether it is the common use space, more formal, neutral and simultaneously flexible, whether it is private spaces, warmer, more comfortable and closer to a more personal approach – despite of the different palette of materials, the way it’s materialized, however, confers an identity that assumes a certain formal austerity, seen almost as unpretentious design.

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