WADA 2019 Housing

Park House by HAD-VD arquitectos

The residence stands out on the city’s landscape. Its attractive front leads people to its entry, giving not only a fresh touch to the area, but also an appreciation of the house as a piece of architecture.

World Architecture & Design Awards 2019
Honorable Mention | Category: Housing
Architects: Hugo Alonso Amparan de Leon / Carlos Eduardo Villegas Duarte
Design Team: Francisco Díaz, Karla López, Guillermo Morales, Mariana Aguirre, Victor Guzman, Josimar Bocanegra.
Studio: HADVD Arquitectos
Country: Mexico
Website: www.had-vd.com

The project is located in Kern Place, an iconic neighborhood with an eclectic style of architecture, northeast of the University of Texas at El Paso, built in the early 20th century and developed partly by its own inhabitants. Park House fits perfectly within its aesthetic, taking the essence of the traditional home into the contemporary, blending with the maturing landscape of Kern Place.

The visual composition balances with equilibrium of colors and textures developed alongside vertical, horizontal and diagonal elements. A concrete wall goes through the parking space cover, continuing to the side of the balcony. Its position divides the front in two parts: left which focuses the pathway to the entrance of the house for the user, and right where a transparence surrounds the main room on the first floor alongside a guest room with access to the top floor balcony.

The connection between interior and exterior of the front combines transparent and non-transparent pieces. The top floor balcony has a crystal door that aside from offering the possibility of interaction with the guest room, the exterior offers a wide view of the front of the residence and the city.

 A sloped roof highlights the balcony and provides visual stability to the space that accompanies the crystal door at the entrance. Meanwhile, one of its diagonals extends and generates an asymmetrical composition, while the other stops at the limits of the property but then continues on to the back, creating a sense of movement, opening space for light and air.

The side passage is protected by a suspension that goes from the garden to the main entrance. Inside, a wide area with a view to the exterior, but unexposed to the street. The central garden connects the public zone, the private zone and the services, as well as providing light and natural ventilation. The living room, kitchen and dining room interconnect in a wide space, apt for family recreation.

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