WADA 2019 Office Building

Human Care by Susan Strauss Design

On a dull Brooklyn block, a small modern edifice arises, kudos to Susan Strauss Design.

While judging a book by its cover is at times far from accurate, and supposing a corporate’s identity based on its firm’s office exterior can be questionable. However, in this case, Human Care NY’s façade of the building is every bit as fresh as the interior and personifies them as a company.

World Architecture & Design Awards 2019
Honorable Mention | Category: Office Building
Architects: Susan Strauss 
Studio: Susan Strauss Design
Country: United States
Website: www.susanstraussdesign.com

The cool-toned asymmetric panels cladding the exterior integrate jagged shaped windows in a non-uniform design. The exterior puzzle is carefully masterminded, as there were preexisting beams which needed to remain, and classic window shapes would result in small windows. Opting to go big and bold, Susan designed the exterior around the beams to allow for expansive and strikingly shaped windows. Always the one to add surprise to the mix, Susan of Susan Strauss Design incorporated warm wood into the interior design. The vestibule has frosted glass panels in lieu of walls, with a geometric pattern for added interest. The reception area is a bright and welcoming space. The walls have backlit wood paneling shaped in a larger scale of the entry pattern. The furniture is a contemporary delight of wood, glass, and chrome. The reception desk is a custom piece, combining the elements in an understated, yet current fashion. The artwork throughout echoes the vibe of the rest of the office: high end, bold, yet minimalistic. The conference room exudes the illusion of a floating glass cubicle, virtually within arm’s reach of anyone descending the glass staircase.

            Throughout the offices, LED lighting is integrated in diverse approaches and applications, eschewing the ubiquitous methods of office lighting. In some corridors, LED channels creep up the walls and overhead, while in the open offices, layered sheetrock is applied in varied layouts with LED employed to accent the designs.

            The headquarters embodies the healthcare company’s foundation as a fast paced, efficient to the point of hygienic, and contemporary initiative.

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