IASA 2018 Interior Design

Masaba & Sura Vie by Acanthus Architecture & Interior Consultants

Nowadays eating out is frequent high drama prospect to submerge you into not only in good food but in an atmosphere that makes everyday boring life feel distant.

International Award for Sustainable Architecture Awards 2018
First Award | Category: Interior Design
Architects: Nikhil Gupta
Studio Name: Acanthus Architecture & Interior Consultants
Team Members: Akhil Gupta, Aanchal Chauhan, Aasif Ali, And Meenu
Country: India
Website: www.acanthus.in

Nowadays restaurants have become outlets for the most artistic interiors in the world. We have integrated skills, art and environment along with other creative ideas for the diners to escape.

Masaba & Sura Vie is one of our creations which bring unique challenge to design a collection of private spaces and common lounge areas that stood in stark contrast to its competitors while mesmerizing the diners. However, at Acanthus, it’s not all about aesthetics. We have a strong belief in creating functional spaces.

Our teams scoured tones of fabrics for the upholstery and furniture. We sought to use materials that could stand the test of time from constant use and textures that would be at home with our earth tones. Next came the challenge of according privacy to the guests amidst an open plan space.

We used wall mounted seats in conjunction with portable chairs and tables along one wall. This optimizes the space while providing flexible seating arrangements that are easily scalable to accommodate large and small parties alike. High bar stools at the open bar are a favorite hangout spot to unwind after a rough day with a cold drink. Lights and planters placed between couches create faux separators and create an air of privacy.


In one corner, we have a circular seating arrangement that is ideal for those guests seeking to host a group of people, whereas another nook holds a U shaped seating space ideal for hosting a small group over a cozy dinner. With so many options, we sought to design The Masaba & Sura Vie to serve a delightful visual and superlative dining experience to guests. Masaba & Sura Vie is a place enthralled by the first look of it.

The entrance interior has a huge sculpture and the ceilings are adored by chandeliers to give a semi-bright and a relaxing light to the place. The Bar and lounge section has a rough detailing on walls and floors. Keeping in mind the low heighted area, the place is designed with gold finish on treated walls, carved details on ceiling in order to bestow enchanting effect. The Royal perception was considered while designing this place.

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