2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner: Mountain Dance Nabel Ceramic Culture Experience Center by CROX

Yuhang District, located in the north of Hangzhou, is the birthplace of Liangzhu culture. The headquarters of Nabel , the leading brand in Chinese ceramic tile, is also set up here. As a brand culture exhibition hall,CROX reflects the historical background and try to integrate the surrounding mountains, so that culture can form a advanced and natural building by shaping like ceramics.

Winner: Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | CROX
Category | Commercial Concept
Team | Lead Architect: C.R. Lin
Country | China
Photographer/Copyright | ©CROX

Client: Nabel Ceramic Tile
Project type: Enterprise Culture Experience Center
Building area: total building area: 7067.64m2, including 6802.05m2 above ground and 265.59m2 underground
Planning and landscape design company: CROX / PRID
Architecture and interior design company: CROX/ PRID
Chief designer: C.R. Lin and Du Bojun
Associate architectural designer: Zhang Mingzheng, Sun Lidong,Huang Peigeng,Gu Bowen,Ni Yueguo,
Associate interior designer: Wang Zhiyun
Location: Yuhang, Zhejiang
Project status: under construction
Cooperation Unit of Architectural landscape construction drawing: Zhejiang TianShang Architectural Design Co., Ltd
Curtain wall Designer: Zhejiang TianShang Architectural Design Co., Ltd
Curtain wall construction Unit: Zhejiang TianShang Architectural Design Co., Ltd
Cooperation Unit of renderings: Beijing fancai Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai PRID Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd


Ceramics have been a symbol of civilization shaped by fire and clay since ancient times . Based on the original relationship between the map and the bottom of the industrial park, the formal logic of the building is highly integrated with the surrounding landscape.

The building is based on a square, and the space hopes to echo the spirit of “Cong”, “Cong” is one of the “six tools” recorded in《Zhou Li》,”six tools” were the sacrifice ritual which is used by Liangzhu area to carry its own belief system. The inspiration of architectural configuration is spread out from “the round sky and square earth”, and the shape of the mountain,which is surrounded by the super mountain, the Half mountain and the Linping mountain , extracting to form a flowing curve and shape .It has become a kind of freehand sloping roof. Under the large roof of the building, it meets the functional practicability and the economic demand of construction. The formal logic is more integrated with the height of remote mountain.

The outer surface of the building is assembled by the large-scale ceramic slab .The slab based on“SIMM-TEC” technology that developed and produced by Nabel. This is the first time in China to use the large-scale ceramic slab for exhibit projecting to establish a new using standard for the construction industry. The overall facade is composed of a large ceramic slab and transparent curtain wall. The vertical solid plate and glass curtain wall highlight the topographical sense of the building surface and form a fascinating and orderly body . The overall appearance is like a ridge of mountains on the ground. The pool surface designed in the front forms a beautiful view like a mirror. People follow the winding path and enter the room through an open entrance. In front of them, they will see the light scattering through the gap of the arc ceramic wall. The lines on both sides indirectly introduce light, forming a ceremonial space, which brings a suggestive nature for visitors to enter the peach blossom garden. In the art exhibition hall with different ceramic cultures, you can feel the rich contents of the exhibition. You can follow the arc stairs to the upper internal garden, feeling the natural atmosphere in the quiet atrium better, and form a coherent experience of the building’s internal and external integration, achieving a comprehensive cultural building which integrates space, culture and industry.