2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner: Guangzhou Vanke Dream Town by Shanghai PTArchitects

The project is located next to Xinxin Avenue, at Yeling Village of Yongning Sub-district, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou. The land is used as residence, which mainly includes housing and public supporting facilities.

Winner- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | Shanghai PTArchitects
Architect/Designer | Chen Xi

Category | Commercial Built
Team | Chen Xi, Huang Huafeng, Zhang Jun, Wei Yu, Zhang Yuan, Tang Zehui, Wen Yitian
Country | China
Photographer/Copyright | ©Liu Junnan, Fan Wenyao, Ren Yi

©Liu Junnan, Fan Wenyao, Ren Yi

Surrounded by mountains and forests, the project has an excellent natural environment and convenient transportation with Xinxin Avenue at its west. Following the site’s terrain, the overall planning arranges high-rise and super high-rise residential buildings along the red line. House gardens are formed naturally between the buildings, making full use of the surrounding landscape resources and abundant sunlight conditions. And a super large garden area is enclosed by the residential towers, leaving enough spaces for setting primary school, kindergarten, sport center, library and street-facing shops, etc. In such context, occupants can enjoy the convenience of public service facilities nearby. Moreover, combined with the street-facing shops, the main pedestrian entrance is set at the center of the site. The landscapes at the core and the three landscaped courtyards together create a rich and warm road to home.

The community has separated lanes for vehicle and pedestrian, with two vehicle entrances and exits at the south and north ends respectively. There are four entrances and exits of underground car parking, all of which are set at nearby entrance & exit of vehicle. An annular lane is set along the outer edge of the site, and the ground parking lot can be found along the road within the community, so as to minimize impact on the residents. Non-motor vehicle parking lot is mainly at the underground, and there are also some units to meet the necessary needs.

The facade of the buildings enjoys a classic, stylish and quality metropolis style. Ultra-clear glass, beige stone and metal decorative components are the main materials for the street-facing shops, sport center and entrance hall, etc. Beige lacquer, elastomeric wall coatings, and metal decorative components are used for the main walls of the school and residential blocks. Stones are used for places frequented by people at the residential blocks such as the entrance hall.