2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

Special Mention: Rui’an THE KING ARRIVE Exhibition Center by Shanghai PTArchitects

Situated at the corner of Zhongxin Road, the project extends into two directions. Zhongxin Road is the key hub connecting the east and west areas. Taking considerations of shaping the corner interface and showing the building itself, the architects arranged a quarter of circular land at the corner to link two sides as a natural transitional space. The corner interface extends horizontally in order to form a complete facade facing the street. The diamond-shaped facade resembles a glass crown, highlighting the temperament of the building itself.

Special Mention- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | Shanghai PTArchitects
Architect/Designer | Yu Xiaolei

Category | Commercial Built
Team | Yu Xiaolei, Zhang Lifu, Wang Gang, Xia Yu, Wang Zhong, Wang Xin, Li Wei, Guo Yiwei, Song Ruyang, Wang Lehua, Wang Xiang
Country | China
Photographer/Copyright | ©Shanghai PTArchitects

©Shanghai PTArchitects

The architects introduced two playful materials. The first one is the reflective ripple stainless steel panel as the covering of the bottom of the awning. And combined with the folding surface, the whole ceiling is glistening, offering visitors special visual effects. Another is the aluminum foam with large pores. It is paved on the wall behind the glass crown to form a second interface of the corner. In the daytime, the abstract metal texture can be viewed through the glass; while on the night, the second interface filters the interior lighting through the pores, presenting a starry image. 

Besides the contrast of straight and curved lines, the vertical and horizontal, the architecture enjoys the geometric beauty of the contrast of the virtual and real. The virtual and real contrast realizes a sculptural sense of the building at the corner. Moreover, materials also express contrastive and complementary relationships. Crystal glass, warm stone and hard metal integrate into an organic one.

The modern architecture enjoys both elegance and rationality, enabling visitors to have excellent.