UDAD 2018 Urban Design

New Mile Boeblingen by bauchplan ).(

Initially conceived as a car friendly city the open space has been transformed into a pedestrian zone and low traffic shopping area. Paved with natural stone from facade to  facade  in  a  pixelated  pattern  the  railway  station  street  turned  into  an atmospheric space with a multifaceted use. The Elbenplatz, known as one of the busiest streets of the city, has been redefined as a window to the old town: a dry deck fountain that has been embedded into the new street level now interacts with traffic and overlays it in a visual and acoustic way while it helps to improve the city climate.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2018
First Award | Category: Urban Design
Architects: Tobias Baldauf
Studio: bauchplan ).(
Team Members: Tobias Baldauf, Marie-Theres Okresek, Florian Otto, Rupert Halbartschlager
Country: Germany
Website: www.bauchplan.de

The former intersection acquires new qualities as meeting and recreational space. This creates a unique atmospheric sequence leading through the whole street from the railway station to the old town, cautiously graduating all adjoining side-spaces. The spatial arrangement enables a unique choreography between the dialectic of commuters quickly passing through and others leisurely strolling around. A watercourse in form of an inlay in front of a vacant space reminds of the former water feature typology in the road profile and offers an attractive and barrier free connection between the new shopping mall and the existing retailing structures along the street.

While resilience and durability with respect to the materials used played a major role in the conception, social sustainability was one of the main foci in the renewal. Participation increased the local’s identification with the site and enhanced its appropriation.