2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Second Award | Floating Amsterdam Bicycle / Pedestrian Bridge | John A Simonetti Architect LLC

This design is made up of two major design elements that bridge the gap across the river IJ.  A undulating curved bicycle path and a floating pedestrian park and garden museum.

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🏆 Second Award
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Floating Amsterdam Bicycle / Pedestrian Bridge
Architecture Technology Concept

John A Simonetti Architect LLC

John A Simonetti

Design Team
John A Simonetti Architect LLC


United States

©John A Simonetti Architect LLC

The Curved bicycle path was designed to resemble a rippling wave that engages and connects the green space on Java Island and a major recreational marina along Motorwal.

The floating pedestrian bridge and museum was designed to look like a floating boat, which can be accessed by two giant floating island platform elevators on either side of the River IJ. Along this pedestrian bridge will be three garden museum pods. The main one in the center will commemorate Ann Frank and all the children who perished in the Holocaust.

The two other Museum pods on either end of the bridge will be dedicated to Dutch Tulips and the Artist’s of the Netherlands such as Rembrandt, Vincent Willem van Gogh, M. C. Escher, Piet Mondrian, and Johannes Vermeer.

The bicycle path and the pedestrian bridge will be lined with solar trees that will help power the structure.  The cables that support the bridge will be illuminated at night with LED and fiber optics.  The center lane of the bicycle path and the pedestrian bridge will have a glass floor system.

The structure of the bridge will be made of piers, girders, and massive stanchion structures that support cables that attach to the bicycle bridge and the floating pedestrian bridge.

These stanchion structures will be spaced to allow the passage of cruise and cargo ships.

The Bicycle Bridge will slope up by an average of 6 percent rising to above 82 feet at the center portion allowing cargo ships with three stacked containers to pass underneath.

The Pedestrian Bridge will rise to 92 feet.

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