APR Interior Design

Second Award – Gemdale The One Villa by LSDCASA

Global Future Design Awards 2019
Second Award
Category: Interior Design
Designer: KOT GE
Country: China

Another great opportunity. APR’s next award Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019 is open for Registration. Don’t miss the chance, its a huge platform for architects.

We undertakes the overall interior design of this project. We try to return to the most essential thinking of design, and respond to the original will of living with ordinary life and quiet and simple impression.

In the design of this project, we are looking for a style that is not clearly defined, or, in other words, here our style is not a model, but a methodology. The life we face every day will teach us what a more appropriate design is.

Therefore, we do not hesitate to make subversive changes to the interior space of the building to create smoother generatrices and more reasonable allocation of space resources. Besides, we pursue the genuineness of materials and the release of functions, and, on top of this, create some little surprises in everyday life through changes.