APR Interior Design

Winner – Oceanic Luxury Showhome by The Interiors NRD

Global Future Design Awards 2019
First Award
Category: Interior Design
Firm: The Interiors NRD
Designer: Natasha Rocca Devine
Country: Ireland

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Showhome | Designing | Staging

In Los Angeles, as a real estate, designer and a staging expert Natasha learnt to focus on core staging and showhome requirements; ‘to maximize the square feet, to create a beautiful theme, always bringing in the local area and architecture and to appeal to three to five differing potential buyers’, which is what she applied to Robswall by Hollybrook showhome.

‘My goal is to create emotion and evoke feeling in each room and home with my choices of colours, art, furniture and overall theme. I am extremely creative and see each home as a gallery to curate and maximise in preparation for sale.’

About ‘The Houses’

Comprising a selection of 18 four-bedroom houses by Hollybrook Homes, these ‘A’ rated, energy efficient homes are located just 10 miles from Dublin and a 20-minute drive from Dublin airport. Expanding to a substantial 2,357 sq. ft these homes have been built to the highest standards with luxury living in mind.  Pricing starts from €790,000.

 The show house at Robswall started viewings on Saturday 16th of February 2019
To find out more call Knight Frank New Homes at (01) 6342466 or Carol.Mulligan@ie.knightfrank.com.


‘Oceanic Luxury’ is the theme chosen, based on oceanic images of Malahide from the view of the houses (*see top left photo on the mood boards).

It is based on the sunset, showed outstanding colours of blue, dark blue, golden and peach and pink hues. While this colour exemplifies Malahide from the sky down to the sand and the innate beauty of the surrounding areas. Accent colours of silver, gold and others, of which, are brought into the scheme via furniture, paint, accessories and art.

Curator Paints

Natasha says; ‘I collaborated with Curator the new luxury brand Colourtrend paints, which are steeped in Irish culture, and took a risk with bold colours for the bedrooms. In showhomes, interior designers opt for white and grey these days which I think has its place yet, to myself, a showhome should be bespoke to the style, the local area and the client, as I learnt in Los Angeles.’

The Presidents Room | Playroom

For the living and playroom room she has created a ‘Presidents Room’ as in a VIP multipurpose; dining, seating and office space to ensure the space was maximised. Everyone values space these days! 

While Natasha said ‘I imported a Le Corbusier chair as ‘The President’s chair VIP, whereby you are located next to the bar. I laid out the room on the ground floor so it could be used as a room for guests, Air BnB rental or a tech free room as square feet is very important, and I felt this space was akin to an apartment in terms of square feet and access into/out of the space’.

Features include Le Corbusier’ , a high-end couchbed, a bar, a games area, a library, desk and modern lighting. A mid-century door table imported from Lisbon.

‘For families, it is a place to connect with board games and leading out to the seating area in the garden the doors can be opened in summer.

There is also bell beside the Corbusier chair, which I have named the ‘Presidents’ chair for either men or women. Ideally it is the VIP seat whereby you can ring the bell to order food or drinks, creating a fun tech-free ‘playroom’ for adults and children alike.’


While as you move into the bedroom, colour is paramount.

‘The beds in the bedrooms are classic and simplistically styled – With the colours in each room, I felt would be too intense to overcrowd the beds with clutter and pillows, so I have given it a minimalist finish. In Los Angeles and Dublin, space is at a premium, so my goal was to maximise space, create a personality in each room and retain the theme throughout.’



‘I also took another risk with flooring, where I changed the Hollybrook style from their signature grey to dark mahogany floors which are classic and on trend. I chose are Herringbone to add a classic luxury feel to this home, all of which is unique for a show home which are standard palettes.’

‘For carpets I have chosen a classic colour to match the new flooring, slightly darker than the original, also to ensure it does not endure wear and tear for viewings in preparation for the new buyers.

All the stairs and bedrooms have carpets to ensure luxury and comfort throughout. While I added luxurious rugs imported from London to the dining areas.’


‘The walls are adorned with real art, which is uncommon in a showhome, which are generally prints. Here each piece of art has been created a collection of Irish and international art (16 pieces) have been curated with myself and the The Open Window Gallery  to include artists; Geoff Rhind, Horace Lysagny, John Brennan to name a few.’

This collection has been curated and sponsored by The Open Window Gallery, a first for this gallery as they have never lent their art out before. They are based in Rathmines, next to The Steller Cinema.

While Celtic Wren Art are added as accent pieces from The River Boyne to bring back a relaxed Oceanic feel.

Living Room | Dining | TV room

For the living room, there are three core areas; dining, living for television and study which once again endorses the point of multi-purpose space.

Furniture was part of ‘The Interiors NRD’ stock from Los Angeles, London along with imports from Lisbon and local stores of Harvey Norman, Vintage Stores, Homebase and designer boutiques.

Accessories by ROADS publishing, classics along with Jonathon Adler pots are seen on the bookshelves.


Designer faux-flowers, pots, trays, mirrors are curated from Natasha’s collection from stores and markets in Dublin, London and Los Angeles.



For the lighting ‘As I specialised in, I imported specialized crystal fittings from London and also the Dublin Vintage Store, which I think added to the luxurious vibe throughout. In Robswall, I have mixed modern, luxury vintage and my own collection to ensure luxury throughout. Each level of the home has lighting reflective of that particular room and space.’

Curtains and Fabrics

For the curtains ‘I worked with an award-winning team to create beautiful and bespoke curtains for each room. Classic curtains were placed in the areas of the kitchen and halls, while throughout the bedrooms and each room ‘Oceanic luxury’ came to life with prints akin of the sea, pebbles mirrored with a luxurious feel throughout.’

Along with the curtains, blue velvets and thick carpets have been added in the wooden floor areas to allow a sense of luxury throughout.


The table is a local import along with vintage crystal lighting. Tableware is Vera Wang, Wedgewood, Laura Ashley and Brooke & Shoals, is placed in the kitchen and dining / bar areas.


Brooke & Shoals, Molton Brown and DKNY towels are placed in each bathroom ensure the sense of luxury required in a showhome.


The garden was accessorized with outdoor furniture and a bespoke birdcage from Patrick Rocca, Natasha’s grandfather who is a renowned tiler and builder.


The champagne ‘Delamotte’ was curated by Pembroke wines.