2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Second Award | Moment in Peking | Agile Group

Located in Beijing, the project is an open communication space combining with Chinese traditional garden and modern style. The whole interior design seems like an agile Chinese traditional garden, with natural scenery and the artistic function interspersed with each other. All kinds of decorations, such as the classical-door-like wall, the rockery and so on, show the designer’s uninhibited taste of elegance. In detail, the looming landscape painting on the curtain sets off the outdoor scenery, and the outdoor scenery can be seen through the French windows without hindrance. Customers can enjoy two different landscapes at the same time-the scenery on the curtain and the real one outside the window, which echoes the mix and match style of the whole space. Beijing is an ancient city with a long history, as well as a modern metropolis the same time, so the design of the project exactly represents the diverse and inclusive culture of Beijing.

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🏆 Second Award
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Moment in Peking
Interior Design Built

Agile Group

Agile Group

Design Team
Hao Liang, Panfeng Wang, Lixuan Zhao, Dongliang Guan



©Agile Group

As for the whole style, firstly, the classical and modern styles are perfectly integrated without conflict. Secondly, considering the busy and fast pace of life in the city, people often feel irritable and lack enthusiasm for getting along with others. Under this complicated situation, the tone of the whole space is boldly presented in a combination of cold and warm colors. The gray and black hard clothes add a quiet feeling to the space, so that people can calm down and keep cool in it. Furthermore, on the basis of the plain hard clothes, the orange soft clothes are embellished, which combines to create a welcoming, fresh, and warm indoor space.

With dusk, the snow impending, Care to have a cup, or no?- Extract from the poem of poet Bai Juyi, Tang Dynasty. The space of the bar area is clean and concise. Then decorated with classical art ornaments, it tastes a sense of vintage-style and elegance. Using simple and natural methods to render the living environment with oriental meanings, it provides a sensory experience blending history and modernity. Perforated screen not only makes the space private and gives people a sense of security, but also do not completely separate the whole space, so that the ventilation and sight will not be blocked. After a busy day, people can have a drink here with their friends. What a pleasant moment that would be!

The lobby, which features the simple and graceful furnishings and mild light, makes people feel extremely cosy. Its space boasts visual tension and ceremonial sense. The metal greeting pine statue on the table means welcoming friends all around the world, which shows the Chinese way of treating guests with courtesy. Plum blossoms, green plants and artificial hill and stone all create a natural and lively atmosphere so that the lobby is not dreary. You can feel at home here, shake off your fatigue and just be yourself, chatting happily with your family and friends. We hope it is helpful for people to get through their loneliness especially during the post-pandemic period.

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