UDAD Awards 2019

Second Award- Peninsula Bar | HRD Architecture

Peninsula Beach Bar is a part of the hotel complex which is placed in Adabuku which is one of the most beautiful bay of Bodrum Peninsula.


Second Award – Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Firm | HRD Architecture
Category | Hospitality
Team | Reyhan Demirkundak , Huseyin Demirkundak , Hilal Memis, Bugrahan Er, Hamza Simsek
Country | Turkey

During the research for the answer to the question of what kind of a venue for the beach, we have found it more appropriate and tried for the “new shelter of the beach” by going one step further from the researches about the coming routes of the social spaces created on the beaches and by continuing  to the esence of the constitution through one of the determinants of the member of the beach.

Basis of design

The beach is last station of people before entering the sea during the summer. Here, a fiction was aimed to carry the problem of place where the guests will meet their needs of eating and drinking on the beach beyond the sunbed-parasol stability.

Therefore the whole system was designed as a transition interface. By protecting the coastal character with material selection and venue cit was shown as the last stop before the sea. It is expected that place where the hotel guests of all ages will come together for more than one reason, will become a center for strenghtening communication between people .  

Architectural consideration in the whole building design; is based on the design of a place where they can pause and have a rest and perform the function of eating and drinking during a circulation of taking a dip in the sea. Beyond a simply designed new place,  the “screen” of the entire otel which is oriented to lanscape is shaped as the closest surface of interaction with the sea. The design in this aspect was developed to produce a shell. Occuring shell needs to save guests from sun and provide leakage to sea.

This shell structure caused to fictionalize a space that has flexible usage by creating a more open space than a semiopen space. Barnacle inspiring us with developing the shell reached our coastline by traveling thousands of kilometers on the sea creatures or wastes and it gained identification by setting a steady life.

The entrances of structure were provided with the steps on both sides of Beach Bar which was added to extention of the rock in the center. By building durable bamboo decks in addition to natural stone floor, space was expanded and some extra sitting spaces were generated. Evacuation of harsh wind in the field was done thanks to the gaps among wooden ceiling plates. An isolating membrane was provided between the carrier and the deck for the fact that the comfort of those sitting on the deck would not be affected negatively by waves occured by wind.