UDAD Awards 2019

Third Award- Hôpital psychiatrique d’Ertsein | S&AA Schweitzer et Associes Architectes

The inspiration for the form of this building is the caterpillar that turns into a butterfly, as psychotherapy very much involves being able to crawl before you can fly. This organic form integrates with the existing campus and the architecture plays with the landscape, with an undulating white façade that seems to flirt with the pavilions around it.


Third Award – Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Firm | S&AA Schweitzer et Associes Architectes
Category | Hospitality
Team | Patrick Schweitzer, Architecte mandataire : S&AA / Architecte associé : Rey Lucquet / Entreprise Général : Eiffage Construction / BET : OTE / BET HQE : OTELIO / BE Paysagiste : Acte 2 paysage
Country | France

Empty pockets allow the landscape and vegetation to enter the blocks. The idea was to surround the new hospital with greenery. The ground floor roofs are covered with plants, and flowerbeds keep pedestrians away from the façades. The landscaped patios at the heart of the blocks allow patients to “escape”. A large number of trees have been planted in the patios, gardens, landscaped areas and car parks.

The aim is also to give the Erstein hospital a new, contemporary, environmentally friendly image that will set the tone for new buildings on the site. What we offer here is a people-centred facility where safety is unobtrusively provided, allowing patients to find their place in a protected space that prepares them to go back out into the world.