2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Second Award | Phatthalung HeARTell | Taweecool Architects

Hospitality design in Thailand has produced one of the most vigorous architectural scenes in South East Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. Thailand is not only considered as one of the richest in the region where beauty and diversity of nature is concerned. It also has cultural heritage and value that has made it a major destination for travelers today.

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🏆 Second Award
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Phatthalung HeARTell
Hospitality Architecture Concept

Taweecool Architects

Prof. Khiensak Seangklieng, PhD., ASA.

Design Team
Khiensak Seangklieng, Sirichai Thontong

Phatthalung, Thailand


©Taweecool Architects

Phatthalung HeARTell mission statement is to create its own unique style and special recipe of a holiday experience that clearly establishes itself in the mind of its guests as being the best ever. It is achieved by a focus on hospitality environment, the nature of the site itself, and bringing their guests luxuriously back to nature and culture.

As a unique resort destination of Phatthalung province, the project respects and take advantage of the nature setting. The standard of HeARTell resort’s facilities is comfort and casualness, nevertheless with a Southern touch. Vernacular-inspired architecture of Phatthalung HeARTell, elements and structure are adapted and used extensively such in the reception and restaurant pavilion that are integrated into the design approach.

Phatthalung HeARTell boasts a picturesque landscape consisting of only 5 keys with a private pool that rests on the beachfront of Khai Tao overlooking the islands lining up in the distance. The surrounding is also abundant with natural resources. For example, the right side of the resort site is adjacent to a natural wetland that provides great benefit to the site and is a source of a natural creek that flows through the resort. With this unique condition, the entire site is covered and crowned with mature plants and healthy trees. The beachfront is also lavish with a natural stream flowing through the valley.

The design concept of master planning was to emphasize on preserving existing environment as much as possible. To take best advantage of the surroundings, the resort’s buildings are designed in free standing setting, providing a vista to the internal and external spaces. While maintaining guest privacy, interior spaces are built up in relation with existing topography and flood conditions. Together with landscape design in terms of natural disaster protection, every single building is individually articulate to blend with and fit into a specific site with the common characteristics of an elevated lower floor that is 2.50 meters from the ground. This became a structural benefit in terms of protecting from humidity and flooding.

The resort design and its style is informal, thus the rooms are very residential in feel and in terms of comfort, surrounded by local palm trees and other plants that are specifically plated nearby the water bodies of the site for better privacy. The Main materials design and building treatments are reuse timbers, treated bamboos, and all reuse material are integrated for resort design with low-cost design solution: LCDs as a key design principle of architects’ design goals.

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