2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Second Award | Vanke Author One Clubhouse | Vanke

The clubhouse of Vanke One Prefectural, with a total area of about 1100m², can feel the temperament of an exquisite luxury residence, whether it is the sky-high ancient trees outside the courtyard or the entrance lobby. With the space as the carrier, it builds a light luxury clubhouse that brings both spiritual (sense of honor) and physical (health) satisfaction to users around the life, health, entertainment, fitness, culture, and art scenes of the middle and high-end circles.

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🏆 Second Award
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Vanke Author One Clubhouse
Commercial Interior Concept



Design Team
Hong Chang, Lankang Song, Qiong Wu

Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China



The design takes the essence of culture, the purity of art, and the exquisite architecture and applies them to the interior space, interpreting the elegant space atmosphere and mood with extreme techniques, exploring nature and humanity through a modern perspective, chasing the source of the soul, allowing users to share, communicate and interact, and constantly perceive the texture and ease of life.

The reception area is mainly made of glass, stone, and wood veneer, with the modern sense of interspersed blocks and the sense of symmetrical sequence in the central axis, together with the light and luxurious texture of metal materials and the permeability of glass materials, creating the ultimate visual sense of dignity. Under the auspices of simple and elegant artistic design, the transparent and elegant texture stands out.

Throughout the entire pool space, the open and transparent, the top surface of water-stable glass material, under the visual effect of light and shadow, the water and sky, a pool of “spring water” with the flowing softness and the strong sense of space, and the floor-to-ceiling windows outside the scenery, the blue water, and clouds of the sky imagery called out.

The reception area of the water bar adopts a holistic design concept to create a simple and comfortable space, with a calm and peaceful space atmosphere directly to the hearts of people, allowing people to interact more relaxed and free.

Large floor-to-ceiling windows connect the interior and exterior spaces, allowing the sunlight and breeze to embrace the gym, and the visual experience of indoor and outdoor penetration blends to make the whole space swell with the rhythm of nature and movement. The simple wall design and pure and warm color matching create a more relaxed and calm atmosphere, thus effectively promoting the release of user pressure.

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