APR Restoration Renovation

Second Award – Santa Familia by HacheUve S.A.

Global Future Design Awards 2019
Second Award
Firm Name: HacheUve S.A.
Architects: Hildegard Vasquez
Category: Restoration Renovation
Country: Panama

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Not all of us aspire to write a book, but Santa Familia was designed on the belief that living in a place where we can imagine a book being written makes us all better at whatever we do. Panama´s Old City “Casco Viejo” is full of crumbling buildings, old walls and incredible culture.  It is a small neighborhood with a bustling lifestyle but difficult access, few parking spaces and residential projects.

From street level, Santa Familia will blend into Casco Viejo’s parade of charming shops and houses, with terraces peeking above Casco’s tumbling rooflines. Parking are concealed unobtrusively underground with discreet entrances on both Calle 4a and Calle 5a so as not to disturb the historic streetscape.

Seen from the ocean, Santa Familia’s neoclassical buildings reveal a landscaped courtyard, swimming pool and an ocean club. Extensive planting and mature palm trees will provide shade as well as a relationship with Panama´s tropical landscape.

Santa Familia grew out of the belief that we all can, and should, shape our lifestyles, and that
the place we live matters. A healthy, intellectually stimulating, community-oriented lifestyle
should not require sacrifices. Cultural richness should not come at the expense of every day

For some, neither the anonymity of a tower nor the isolation of a suburban house work. Our neighbors  are  curious  people  who  seek  intellectual  stimulation  in  human  scale neighborhoods. It is ironic that old towns offer this very modern lifestyle.

Culture and community can also exist inside a building. Santa Familia has common areas that
invite conversations and encounters, but also private places that encourage introspection. A
private dining room, for family or business meetings; a cozy library next to the garden, to
read or work from home without interruptions; a gourmet kitchen in the beach bar, and
more importantly, the right assistance so everything happens without much effort.

The open-plan spaces with private balconies, terraces or gardens are thoughtfully laid out
for relaxing or entertaining. Timeless tropical interiors with light filled living areas and
contemporary kitchens give way to inner sanctums with generous master suites, wardrobes
and bathrooms.