2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Second Award | The Tree of Life Club | Zest Art

The interior design concept pays homage to the banyan trees in the project site. As a family-oriented club, it provides functions such as reception hall, reception, leisure, cafe, video room, playground, etc. Inspired by the banyan trees in the site, the plasticity of metal creates natural and fresh elements with various postures such as leaves, veins and roots through creation of metal materials to explain the tree of life. Through the transition of natural elements, designers hope to break the boundaries of indoor and outdoor space, create a diversified and interesting way of life, and transfer the life concept of harmony and unity between city and nature.

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🏆 Second Award
Global Future Design Awards 2021

The Tree of Life Club
Public Building Interior Built

Zest Art

Zest Art

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In the form of expression, the space has a distinct and strong modernity, which leaves a deep impression on customers through the visual tension. The huge undulating ceiling starts from the middle main entrance and extends to the left and right sides, inspired by the undulating roofs of the original local villages.

The unique overall ceiling makes the different functions of the club connected and unified. The design elements related to banyan trees are in every corner, from the ground paving pattern inspired by tree roots to the grille that looks like air roots swaying gently in the breeze. The design uses wood, stone, bronze metal and other materials to enhance the sense of design and increase the feeling of warmth. Part of the wood used the residual materials from the demolition of the local original villages to achieve environmental sustainability and the inheritance of street memories.

The story of the tree takes a turn on the ground floor, becoming more active and livelier. This excessive space is imagined as reaching an underground mysterious paradise through tree trunks and roots. Interesting curves become design language and used in wall, glass and door design, which inspired by animal nests and animals living in them. The color of this children’s space come from the vigorous green of banyan trees and the orange red of fruits.

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