2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner | A Modern Villa Facing The Sea | MN Interior Design(Shanghai)

Through the understanding of the project and the owner, we have reshaped the space, divided the 9-meter-high space, completely reconstructed the originally trivial partition wall, and turned the whole ground floor dining room into an open leisure, activity space, negative one-floor lighting and floor height is the focus of the design, we will tea room, audio-visual, chess card, wine cellar.

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Silver Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

A Modern Villa Facing The Sea
Housing Interior Built

MN Interior Design(Shanghai)

Dong Mu

Design Team
MN Design Team

Dalian City


©Ruihua Zhang

These spaces break the form of partition wall through partition partition partition, let the whole space like Chinese garden, like transparent, not separated, everywhere scenery, step by step to achieve a room with the open and space integration. The bedroom area on the second floor, we not only guarantee the privacy and comfort, but also increase the family members together activities, tea, movie viewing space, so that the atmosphere of the whole family more thick, happy.

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