2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner – Café & Digital Library Design | Pionarch Design and Construction

As we embarked on the design journey for Niu Taim Cafe, we delved deep into the rich traditions, diverse history, vibrant cultures, and unique wildlife of Papua New Guinea. Our meticulous analysis of these aspects gave us the much-needed inspiration to craft a cafe that truly reflects the essence of this beautiful land. Studying the historic tribal cultures of New Guinea, we were captivated by the colorful textiles used for decorations and clothing, as well as the intricate body painting.

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Silver 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Café & Digital Library Design
Commercial (Concept)

Pionarch Design and Construction

Lidia Szydlowska

Design Team
The Pionarch Design Team

Project Location
Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

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Drawing from these influences, we decided to incorporate vibrant hues and patterns as accents throughout the space. To create a perfect blend of modernity and tradition, we opted for natural wood for the furniture and lighting fixtures, bringing in the warmth and earthiness of the environment. The idea of a door board, which is used to mark individual houses in tribal villages, resonated with us and helped us define the patterns on different surfaces. Our research on the indigenous wildlife and tribes of New Guinea inspired us to feature different images as wall art, adding a unique touch to the space.

Our layout design was meticulously planned, considering the relationship between different spaces and the circulation paths. Combining computer workspaces, a coffee bar, and private conference rooms creates a productive and relaxing environment for the public to work in. Every inch of the cafe was thoughtfully crafted, resulting in a space that exudes the true essence of Papua New Guinea.