2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner – TIN INN – einfach gut | TIN INN GmbH

TIN INN is the first hotel of its kind in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and it’s just cool! Built from recycled sea freight containers, this sustainable hotel offers guests a modern overnight experience with efficient digital technology and stylish design. Rooms feature expansive windows and premium insulation, creating a relaxing atmosphere and giving guests a sense of space and comfort. The interior is also thoughtfully designed, with smart furniture that offers multiple functions to make the most of the space. The design is high-quality, durable and sustainable to provide guests with the best experience possible.

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Silver 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

TIN INN – einfach gut
Hospitality Architecture (Built)



Design Team
Ivan Mallinowski, Michael Haiser, Nico Sauerland

Project Location


©Stefan Hohloch

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The building itself is modular and was pre-planned, prefabricated and quality-checked in Germany, allowing for maximum flexibility and reliability in project implementation. TIN INN’s compact size and mobility make it economical to operate outside of hotspots, allowing for broader geographic coverage and higher occupancy. In addition, the modular and reversible building concept is ideal for interim use of space and can even be moved to other locations.

At TIN INN, everything is digital, from booking to digital room key to billing. Guests can enjoy a simple and seamless experience supported by the latest technology. Overall, TIN INN is a smart and innovative solution for modern travelers looking for an environmentally conscious and stylish stay.