2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner | Jindi Lanyue Plaza Exhibition Center | Shanghai Hexi Architectural Design Co., LTD

From the architecture to the interior, the overall tone continues the modern and fashionable design style. Under the space layer by layer, the contemporary art and fashion trend are integrated, the ecological nature is continued, and the drama tension of the space is created by the fashion play.

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Silver Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

Jindi Lanyue Plaza Exhibition Center
Interior Design Corporate & Commercial

Shanghai Hexi Architectural Design Co., LTD

Yong Zhao

Design Team
Zhaoyong、Hebinquan、Gaoqingfeng、Luqinjing、 Zhenshuqiang、Sunqi、Chendandan

Jiangsu province


©Xunmei TV

Here, it is not only a sales space, but also an art space with a unique soul.

The reception area

Lines and materials blend with the volume to create a minimalist frame. Inspired by the rhythmic satellite image of the Yangtze River Basin, the designer pieced together geographical forms into ceramic mosaics, which condense an inexpressible mysterious vitality and trigger a profound thinking between man and nature.

The stairs area

Jeff Koons’ ‘Balloon Dog’ embellishes the landscape staircase seen from afar, making contemporary aesthetic art accessible.

Smallpox, display rack, lamps and lanterns, with wood tone, scattered a few minutes of comfort and relaxation, a few bright colors jump out through the lamps and lanterns, active overall space atmosphere.

Sand area

The line of sight extends upward, cloud crystal droplight makes the feeling like a dream, present a clear clear and smooth and harmonious spatial form, a kind of sedate, delicate modern humanity temperament arises spontaneously.

Discuss the area

The negotiation area is a combination of multiple elements such as stone, metal, wood veneer and leather, which stretches the whole space level through the changes interspersing in the space.

LV Fujiwara violence bear gives infinite imagination to the space, highlighting the unique artistic trend of sincere feelings.

The bar area

The bar area is dominated by elegant white, green and gold. The color collides with the sense of vitality, and the atmosphere is simple and fits the tone of fashion and youth.

Book area

The hibiscus lamps and lanterns in the book bar area render the unique cultural charm of Jiangyin, and the pure and clear space flows with rhythm and story.

Children’s area

The Mario Mosaic in the children’s area enriches the whole scene. Combined with the art installation full of childlike interest, the space layout with orderly movement arouses the children’s deep exploration desire and brings infinite surprises to start their interesting journey.

VIP area

Entering the VIP room, the feeling is connected with the scene, giving people a private harbor of physical and mental peace

Perform “a popular aesthetic art museum” with visual art, feel the aesthetic art of the new era lifestyle, complete the remodeling of the space artistry, and awaken people’s infinite reveries to the future lifestyle with every detail.

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