2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner | Leaves | Kris Lin International Design

Located in Kaifu District, Changsha, China, this project neighbors Yuehu Park and Colorful World, and lies against a large massif park abundant in natural resources. The project designed in alignment with piedmont geological characteristics of the city is full of natural landscapes that feature leaves of mountain forests, seeking to show aesthetics of life. Fully respecting Changsha’s native landforms and what the city has to offer culturally, the design seeks to integrate local massifs and structures, which are a source of inspiration for this project, into indoor spaces. Beyond that, the rolling ceiling of the former building is retained as a means to mirror what a wavy mountain is like.

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Silver Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

Mixed-Use Interior Built

Kris Lin International Design

Kris Lin 

Design Team
Anda Yang



©Kris Lin International Design

As a community club, this project has two floors. The first floor comprises a reception lobby and recreation areas like the swimming pool and gymnasium. The second floor is a leisure area where the concept of multi-purpose bookstore is integrated with the function of housing sales.

In the antechamber, you can see the reception desk and bar counter that are perpendicular to the ceiling lamps. These elements make the antechamber look like a geometric abstract painting of Mondrian’s.

The swimming pool is a continuation of the theme of leaf. The chamber that houses it is veneered with off-white marble. The walls of the swimming pool are decorated with elegant aqua green mosaics and leaf-like patterns. The paintings on the walls of the swimming chamber boast veins like willow branches swaying freely in the win. Alongside that, the metallic elements there look like glistening light of waves over a lake under the sun. 

Located on 1F, the fitness area is separated from the lobby by wooden grilles, which give a semi-privacy feeling and make light from the outside softer. As the fitness area is kept away from urban noisiness, you can enjoy a healthy life here.

The ladders connect the vertical spaces in series. The artistic ceiling lamps, as real-world devices, are mounted to mirror the fantastic moment that a spring falls in a pond to make a big slash. These lamps are more like a spiritual symbol than material existence, as they reflect reverence for nature, even a water drop.

The bookstore on 2F is provided with a glass screen, where you can see a wash painting depicting a cascading landscape. In such a natural atmosphere, you may walk through a wavy “chain of mountains” where sunshine mingles with dusk while remote mountains and nearby landscapes enhance each other’s beauty amid green curtains.

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