2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner – Lausana Residencial | AMG ARQUITECTOS and TARC

Cancun is one of the most popular destinations for tourism in Mexico, welcoming more than 9 million tourists a year, a number that increases 15% annually. Due to the economic and population growth, the city grew haphazardly around Cancun’s first Urban Project, which was created in 1969 and, since then, sustainable development has not been seen or achieved within Cancun.

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Silver 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Lausana Residencial
Urban Design (Under Construction)


Ing. Christian Obregon Cabrera, Arq. Ricardo Alvarado Guerrero, Arq. Alejandro Manzanero Gutierrez, Arq. Lourdes Canabal Lira, Arq. Vanessa MArín Bacelis

Design Team
ZDG Design

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Therefore, seeing the opportunity to meet sustainabilty in a controlled manner, Distrito Lausana was designed to meet this growing demand for affordable housing and infrastructure in the city.

Distrito LAUSANA is conceptualized as a new Integrated Sustainable Urban Development located in the south of the city of Cancun, with an extension of more than 1,200 hectares to be developed progresivally within a 12 to 15 year time frame.

It is strategically positioned in one of cities’s newest and fastest growing zones, located minutes away from the Cancun International Airport, Tren Maya route, Hotel Zone, golf courses, LATAM’s biggest outlet Mall and diverse recreational attractions.

Distrito LAUSANA has varied land uses, such as commercial, residential and recreational for its developments in the area. These land uses allow Distrito LAUSANA to create an amazing community that proposes a new way of integrating families and businesses with an avant-garde vision, but at the same time, with a sustainable conscience in a private and public space where the following comes together:

  • Environmental Preservation
  • Innovation and State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Inclusive Urban Design Planification

This sustainable urban design gives priority to the development of diverse green areas, extensive walkways, pedestrian areas, bicycle paths and recreational parks. This urban design includes 100% underground infrastructure planning, such as water & electricity supply, sanitation, waste and sewage management, as well as a top of the line telecommunication technology.

Distrito LAUSANA’s sustainable development long term goals consider under construction diversified projects such as:

LAUSANA Residencial – Mixed used development of single and multifamily units, as well as commercial zones integrated with several lakes, parks, recreational amenities and sporting facilities for families and residents to enjoy within its 122 hectares’ extension.

Punto Lausana – Power center situated strategically at the main entrance of LAUSANA RESIDENCIAL, with an extension of more than 3 hectares, which will give service to Distrito Lausana’s residents and visitors

Cantera Living – High end condominium buildings and mixed commercial lots,  surrounded by a 3 hectares central park for recreational and cultural purposes.

ALTAVISTA Residencial – Medium-density housing supported by commercial areas with recreational parks and lakes, within an extension of 91 hectares, giving residents the opportunity to enjoy higher quality lifestyle at a lower cost.

Additonally, Distrito LAUSANA houses amenities, services and attractions such as:

*Cancun International Airport

*“GO! Cancun” – LATAM’s biggest Outlet Mall

*Moon Palace Cancun Hotel and Resort (LATAM’s biggest hotel resort)

*NH Hotel and City Express Suites by Marriott

*Xcaret’s Theme Parks

*Several renowned golf courses

*Future Senior Living Integral Project

*Future main Train Station of the New “Tren Maya” infrastructure project

*Future real state growth development