2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner | RuirUiruI Flagship Store in South China | WE DESIGN

Inspired by the Procession of the Magi of Benozzo Gozzoli, the designers have extracted four elements – the Castle Theatre, the Knights, the Flexible Armor and the Rugged Mountain into RuirUiruI. RuirUiruI regards genderless, ageless and classless as its cultural carrier with RENAISSANCE, UTOPIA and INSOUL as the brand DNA.

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Silver 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

RuirUiruI Flagship Store in South China
Retail Interior


Simon Cheng

Design Team
Simon Cheng, Weilun Mo, Jiaxin Ding, Jianyang Zheng, Yongping Jiang

Shenzhen, China


©Yanming Studio

The mysterious round castle opens the narrative of the space, infusing it with a secret yet sacred theatrical spirit. The scene in front of you becomes a real image in a dislocated time and space, and everything around you is frozen in time but emits a deep reverberation.

The figure sculptural installation and the surrounding incomplete stone walls seems to display a fragment of the rise of Renaissance humanism. This change of scenery from one step to the next makes each corner an uncharted territory to be explored, which is worth appreciating.

Moving forward, a metallic arc as a wild and passionate expression, is constructed as a strong visual sensation. The metal and stone support frame transforms the dull and bland display method. “In this restless new era, how to not be defined by the masses? How can we become unique self? With the spirit of courageous exploration, we hope that everyone who walks into RuirUiruI can put on the armor of their own selves and tap into their inner flexibility.”says the designers.

The three-dimensional and irregular ‘mountain’ scenery is carved with the original mottled material pattern on one side, and connected with the free will of the future on the other. The design language that blurs the old and new make each step of the spatial experience collide with art and reality, releasing a novel possibility after breaking away from the constraints of style.

WE DESIGN works to construct an extraordinary “theatre experience”, instead of chasing trends. This allows consumers to walk into RuirUiruI to explore, interact and perceive in a unique brand atmosphere, thus realizing the business value of the interlocking scenes, products and brands.