2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner | The Studio | Petra Postmus Interiors

The Client Brief:

  1. Objectives and goals?

Transform a former garage into a wonderful studio with porch and outside terrace.

Make the Studio a place where work and pleasure are combined. In a great place like Greece you would

like to have the option of working inside and outside and enjoy the sun and enjoy the view while working.

Make the place graceful, elegant and chic. Like you want to go back tot he ‘old colonial times’. Sitting on the porch and enjoying your tea. Where time is standing still.

  1. Budget and schedule?

-Budget: high end

-Schedule: 2021

  1. What are you hoping to achieve?

               To create a working place where you feel at home. A place where you can be creative, productive,               

where you can meet others in a relaxing way, and where work doesn’t feel like working anymore.

  1. Oveall look?

Warm, elegant, timeless chic, colourful with a colonial touch.

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Silver Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

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the world , why not create a beautiful workplace in your garden. The former garage has been transformed into a studio with porch and a great terrace. It was a great pleasure to create this Studio. The best thing is to be surrounded by beautiful things and people, and feel happy. If I can contribute in making the world a little bit more beautiful, then that makes me happy.

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