2022 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner | Thunderbird Circle | Emily Esposito Interiors

 A mountain modern home that is more modern than mountain was the way my clients described their dream for their new home being built in Truckee, California in stunning Lake Tahoe in the private and prestigious gated community of Martis Camp. A blending of cool and warm tones in a light, bright, airy, and welcoming environment that would also be a stunning showpiece that they would not only be proud to live in, but to also share with their family and friends.

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Silver 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2022

Thunderbird Circle
Interior Design Built

Emily Esposito Interiors

Emily Esposito 

Design Team
Emily Esposito

Truckee, California

United States

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For their home they wanted it to be a vast contrast to the rest of the mountain modern homes located in the community that were typically dark and felt heavy with steel beams, dark woods, and every shade of brown and cream throughout. To create the space of their dreams it meant it had to be infused with rich luxurious textures from fabrics, wallpapers, stones, tiles, woods, and decorative lighting that would act as individual art pieces throughout. Colors like golds, silvers, taupes, greys, whites, browns, and blues were the direction that my clients wanted to use in their home. Not only did the home need to be a showpiece, but it needed to function as an everyday family home for a very busy family of four with a big dog and an active lifestyle. Durable and cleanable materials were also an important factor to consider when starting this project. Budget was a consideration, but because this was intended to be their full-time family home there were many areas where they increased their budget to ensure that they were achieving the overall vision that they had for their for home. In different spaces in the home, they wanted statement pieces whether it was a decorative light fixture or an interesting textured wallpaper. They also wanted several custom furniture pieces for their home. They requested that I design a unique and one-of-a-kind dining table for them as well as custom built-in beds with storage for their two son’s bedrooms. In their family lounge and media room they also needed a custom four-person desk with storage and an additional storage cabinet for all their home office supplies and equipment. Another specific request was an anti-fog shaving mirror to be incorporated into the master bathroom shower. The home also needed to live the indoor and outdoor lifestyle to take advantage of the beautiful summers in Lake Tahoe and into early fall. All patios, decks and the outdoor dining needed to be thought of as additional living zones. The end result, is a home my client’s absolutely love, live in comfortably and enjoy entertaining their family and friends in year-round.