WADA 2019 Urban Design

Smart City-Healthy Aundh Neighborhood Development Project

Street Design: The Simple Smart Way is a project conceived as a part of the Smart City Mission (executed by PSCDCL and PMC) to create a Neighborhood Up-gradation Programme based on a SMART design i.e.  Simple, Manageable, Affordable, Responsive and  Technological. The design policies included:

World Architecture & Design Awards 2019
Third Award | Category: Urban Design
Architects: Prasanna Desai Architects
Studio: Prasanna Desai Architects
Team Members: In collaboration with IBI Ar. Chetan Sodaye, Ar. Devika Patil , Ar. Aditi Joshi, Ar. Nikhil Deorey
Country: India
Website: www.prasannadesaiarchitects.com


Walkability with equity and dignity, at a continuous surface to facilitate uninterrupted movement. Universal Accessibility as per the Act, for the differently abled to ensure their safe passage. Cycle Friendly safe Environment, by a dedicated and demarcated right of way for the cyclists. Hawker’s and Vendor’s Policy  as per the Act, to restore the vibrancy and eyes of the streets. Public Transpor t at the neighbourhood level to maintain connectivity and ease of access. Organised Parking with a policy that initiates paid parking that results in revenue generation. Public Realm that is people friendly by conserving green cover, providing seating and street lights. Technology to incorporate free Wi-Fi, CCTV cameras for surveillance, sensors and traffic count.

The A undh mall below the tree canopy  comprises of certain elements that not only makes it smart but also one of its kind in Pune. These elements   are simple yet effective in solving most of the citizen‟s issues and achieve a design that is suitable to the context. The streets enable people to walk with baggage, shopping trolleys throughout the neighborhood and thus, lead to reduction of use of vehi  cles for short trips. The complete network also enables universal accessibility as per the Act. The neighborhood has become one of its kind where citizens are able to walk & cycle safely, thus creating a healthy and green environment, setting an example for other neighborhoods. The executed stretch includes elements like the Green median of thick green hedge made of creepers with an insert of chain link that are safe and speed breakers as raised crossings with cobbled drive ways that alerts the driver and  reduces vehicular speed making safe passage for pedestrians.  All the trees along the street have been conserved with stone seating around them that gives a unique historic character. In addition, the street also has lighting, music, sculptures, games etc.  that makes the „vehicle free‟ shopping experience as good as an “Urban Mall under the Tree Canopy.

This open mall not only saves energy but also has helped in reducing motorized trips in the neighborhood, as walking and cycling for communities has increased  leading to a GREEN and HYGIENIC ENVIRONMENT. A lot of effort and compliance has led the firm  to achieve a complete street paradigm. The importance of Street Design the Smart Way is somehow not established in the current system of administration where as it is vital for the survival of a healthy society. When one talks about democracy, it is essential to note that,

“ The  DEPTH  of  the  DEMOCRACY  is  decided  by  the  WIDTH  of  the  FOOTPATH  in  the  CITY”.

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