2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

Special Mention: Between Waters by National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Thermae was not only the bathing place for ancient Roman, but a major public sphere for socializing. Numerous people inspired by others through relax in the public bath and frequent interaction. Various conditions of water are integrated in our imagination to different spaces, and the spaces are connected by water and generate brand-new form of atmosphere. The temperature、pattern、visualization and hearing of water correlate to the thoughts’ condition of people in spaces. Water create spaces, the ideas from artists as well as the space are hence borderless.

Special Mention- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Architect/Designer | Lang-Wen Ma

Category | Hospitality Concept
Team | Jing Wei Tang, Jing Heng Huang
Country | Taiwan
Photographer/Copyright | ©Lang Wen Ma, Jing Wei Tang, Jing Heng Huang

©Lang Wen Ma, Jing Wei Tang, Jing Heng Huang


Lobby is situated on the top level of this project. The imagery of ice represents the origin idea when first enter in this area, perhaps they are subjective or stubborn. Numerous potential thoughts from artists are waiting for being discussed.

Public Living Rooms

Three high-ceiling living rooms for discussing are connected to three different types of studio respectively. This area aims to increase the opportunity of interaction among artists.


Library is the center among three living rooms. It provides myriad of categories of books to inspire artists. The glazing and low-level bookshelves offer readers a broad eyesight of scenery.


The gallery is situated in the large-scale cave to exhibit various works of art from artists.

Auditory Studio

The glass wall and glass ceiling are integrated in the thick wall of music studio, so that the composers can obviously see the temple brought from water, hence forming a dual perception symphony.

Public Bath

The position of the public bath area is at the deepest place of this art center. The publicity of the bathing area assembles artists from plethora fields to exchange ideas in the most relaxing condition, the difficulties of thinking or finding the answer thus resolved, the origin thoughts come sublimate.