2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

Special Mention: Plaza Zavaleta by Balcázar Arquitectos

The development is located on Av Lateral Straight to Cholula, Puebla
With an area of 30 589 60 m 2 of land and 43 961 07 m 2 of construction
The commercial development has two levels of commercial premises and a basement distributed as follows

Special Mention- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | Balcázar Arquitectos
Architect/Designer | Balcázar Arquitectos

Category | Commercial Concept
Team | Carlos Balcázar Soto, Octavio López Sainz, Andrea Huergo Baños, Walter Eduardo Martínez Gómez, Eduardo Blanca Flores, Miguel Ángel Morales Márquez
Country | Mexico
Photographer/Copyright | ©Balcázar Arquitectos

©Balcázar Arquitectos

Ground floor has 3 anchor stores and various commercial premises as well as a pedestrian esplanade, parking and 2 service centers It is proposed in the pedestrian esplanade one to usually covered with openings that allow generating an illuminated and airy with synchronicity of shadows,
textures and materials that harmonize the mall.

On level one there are 3 anchor stores that cover Gym, cinema and department stores preserving the uniformity of design with ground floor
The commercial plaza will be finished in its ceramic material walkways the existing railings in the project will be made of tempered glass The exterior walls of the plaza will have a wood textured exterior plank to create harmony with the previously mentioned finishes on walkers The commercial premises in the interior, both type premises and anchor stores, will have a rustic finish on floors and walls in order for tenants to adapt the interior design of their projects based on the needs that each of them has.

The project has four stair ramps (two in each project area to connect the ground floor to level one and two to connect the basement to the ground floor), four elevator modules, warehouses, an administrative area, bathrooms of men and women, and space for disabled toilets, which will serve the premises An outdoor parking lot, with capacity for 136 drawers, a basement with capacity for 937 leaving 1 drawer for every 27 30 m 2 of profitable surface

The approach, study and execution of the executive project Plaza Zavaleta has as a priority the dignity of the user respecting routes, dimensions and views through each space of the plaza, resulting in particular environments that underlie the application of high quality materials innovation and cutting edge technology Similarly, in the area of commercial premises a final finish is proposed based on fine flattened surfaces and paints with ecological properties.

The morphology and design of the project were sought through organic movements in roofs, walkers as well as the application of materials and textures in warm tones creating a particular environment which can provide a unique experience to each visiting user More than satisfying a commercial demand in the area, the project seeks to have a social impact, taking family interaction and coexistence as a principle, perceiving a feeling of dynamism and comfort