2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner: Pingxiang Rainbow Shopping Center by LB Design

The architectural design of Pingxiang Rainbow Plaza breaks through the modest shape of the conventional commercial complex. Its shape resembles the magnificent Noah’s Ark, and the aesthetics of the building are streamlined. In terms of architectural standards, it‘s built with building specifications that exceed the Grade A of the shopping center,with an area of ​​80,000㎡。It’s committed to becoming a landmark (Pingxiang, a third-level city in China) shopping mall in this City.

Winner- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | LB Design
Architect/Designer | Ben Ling

Category | Commercial Interior Concept
Team | Ben Ling,Yu Liu
Country | China
Photographer/Copyright | ©LB Design

Project information

The client:Rainbow Store Co., Ltd.
Interior Design:LB Design
Architectural Design:LB Design
Construction area:80,000㎡
Completion date:August 2020
The location :Across Ping’an North Avenue & Kangzhuang Road, Anyuan District, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province

©LB Design

Carnival is a traditional festival in Europe and a source of joy for people to celebrate. Since its development, it has gradually become a large-scale public entertainment event including large-scale amusement facilities, supplemented by various cultural and artistic activities. There are many carnivals around the world, and become symbols for many cities.

Features & Difficulties

The project adopts a double atrium design and a steel structural glass on the top, which facilitates the introduction of natural light on the one hand, ensures good daylighting, and creates a feeling of openness, brightness, and transparency of the overall space. It becomes a unique starry night view at night; on the other hand, it can save Energy keeps the upper space open.

The corridor design of the atrium continues the curved elements of the building shape, creating a romantic atmosphere of butterflies and dances; the corridor connects the two atriums, allowing consumers to experience the most comfortable shopping line; at the same time, as the shopping center’s observation platform, Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the shopping mall.


LB Design integrates the breath of culture, life and joy, starting from the joy of the senses, hoping create a joyful carnival center。Integrate joy into culture, realize the connotation of the humanistic connotation, final return to life, thereby shaping a design that is “popular” but not “cheesy”.