2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Third Award | New Glass Now | Studio Joseph

“New Glass Now” is a curated open call of international submissions that represent a wide range of possibilities for employing glass as part of artistic expression. One hundred artists, designers, and architects from more than 25 countries bring glass to life in this immersive exhibition featuring objects, lighting, videos, and multi-media installations. The selected artworks demonstrate the diversity of their makers and their skills, ranging from timely political commentary and investigations of the materiality of glass to explorations at the intersection of high-technology, tradition, and the hand. The show includes artists at every point in their career, from emerging professionals to established artists, representing nearly every glass working technique.

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🏆 Third Award
Global Future Design Awards 2021

“New Glass Now”
Pop-Ups Design Built

Studio Joseph

Wendy Evans Joseph

Design Team
Wendy Evans Joseph, Principal; Monica Coghlan, Director of Design; Cassandra Gerardo, Designer; Shuo Yang, Designer; Streeter Associates, Contractor

Corning Museum of Glass

United States

©Alex Fradkin

Although each object had a different artistic sense, there is a narrative thread of glass as a medium and a muse in this highly abstract exhibition design. The curator’s directive to employ “glassy thinking” led to a minimalist insertion to stage a surprisingly distinct spectrum of artworks. This installation in the museum’s curvilinear galleries presented substantial challenges to the display of artworks as use of the walls was restricted. Given the overall scale of the show and the requirements for security and visitor flow, the team confronted overall planning early and continually so that each of the pieces could be displayed in its best light. Ranging from minute jewelry to a giant neon billboard, from media-driven technology to traditional glass vessels, the composition of white horizontal and vertical planes creates varied sub-environments that provide an elegant framework for the pieces.

The orthogonal structure uses translucent and transparent glass barriers, white planes with 1 ½” black framing and simple vitrines to achieve its powerful geometric force.  The glass pieces are artfully composed in compositions that take advantage of color, texture, and formal qualities. The composition of planes at different heights creates long vistas to draw visitors into the exhibition gallery. Subtle graphics and strict attention to interpretation allow all people to learn and enjoy glass art.

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