2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner | Beachwood | Minarc

The vision for the project Beachwood is truly holistic, requiring a design that reflects the natural beau­ty of the Hollywood region with clarity and simplicity, in a manner that is environmentally considerate, while appealing to the desire for luxury that attracts the upscale market for affordable multi-family building located in Hollywood, California — a desire that has been redefined by expressions of luxury that are smaller, more personal and intimate, and eco-responsive.

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🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Sustainable Architecture Concept


Erla and Tryggvi

Design Team
Erla and Tryggvi

Santa Monica

United States

©Art Gray

The building orientation creates a prominent primary lobby and entrance on the ground floor with a highly visible entrance. Lobby, bike parking and parking garage are accessible to the street as well as the front yard, which incorporates landscape design local to its environment and drought friendly. Our design interest in simple, eco-conscious design de­mands placing a continuous focus on creating comprehensively healthy environments throughout the project.

This proposed project comprises 11 units on a 40-acre lot activating all open areas to use for the common spaces and include landscaping to create visibly attractive spaces and promote outdoor use. It’s location is surrounded by hiking trails, retail and coffee shops as well as easily accessible to public transportation.

The building’s design utilizes a color along with different materials and textures to articulate architectural features and break up the flat surfaces. Quality material will be utilized in all aspects of the project including wood, stucco, blue metal guardrails and blue steel screens while lighting will be used in a harmonious manner to highlight attractive features of the project.

This project will utilize on site landscaping to its full potential, with a balanced design of paved areas and greenery.  Landscaping will be used to screen and soften views from the public right-of-way and highlight the attractive features of the site while maintaining a healthy vegetation and developed site. The site works with the natural topography of the site to avoid unnecessary grade changes, creating a strong street wall by locating the building in the prevailing setback, providing direct paths of travel for pedestrians that are safe and easily accessible. Passageways using pedestrian level lighting, landscaping and paved pathways create visually interesting spaces from the sidewalk as well as all the units.

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