2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner | Agile Hometown Twin Leaf Art Museum | XAA & Agile Group

Tengchong, Yunnan, where Twin Leaf Art Museum get built, is famous for its spectacular volcanic landscape and geothermal springs. A round building is born in the valley, like a flat boat floating on the water. The architecture extracts Yunnan regional cultural symbols of twin leaf as the motif of architecture, blending the sense of both modern and traditional and getting the architecture and environment reflected.

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🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Agile Hometown Twin Leaf Art Museum
Cultural Architecture Built

XAA & Agile Group

XAA & Agile Group

Design Team
Xian Jianxiong



©Agile Group

The design utilizes the hill slope to place most of the volume in the semi-underground space. In the ground part, only one roof structure stands in the non-marginal pool, creating a quiet and ethereal atmosphere. Under this condition, not only the existing surrounding environment hasn’t gotten destroyed, but also the wonderful landscape has gotten integrated into the whole project. The architectural form combine the local traditional architectural language with rising eaves to make it harmonious with the local architectural style. The fan shaped floor on the ground utilize 5-meter-height glass, bringing a scroll painting image of outdoor scenery to enjoy.

 The designer integrates architecture, landscape and nature through the reflection of still water so that to feel the change of light and shadow and the change of seasons.
A theater aimed to face nature in a semi-seated way gets created through the expansive meadow combined with the high and low sloping walls. A public pleasant activity venue created outside the museum brings enjoyment of nature and amusement of interaction to both adults and children.

The design of the art Museum explores the relationship between urban civilization and natural landscape. By abstracting the local landscape, selecting natural and spiritual objects such as “water”, “light”, “rattan” and “bamboo” as design clues and being bonded with time and space, the combination of art and life get recreated.

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