2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner | No. 040 Semi-detached Model House, No. 3, Yingbin Road, Zhengzhou | Jishe Cultural Creativity (Shanghai) Co., LTD

The project continues JSCC’s modern design approach of drawing inspiration from the interpretation of Western classical aesthetics. The overall spatial design is neat and clean, showing rich layers and classy textures. The design team conceives a modern space that pays tribute to classical and everlasting elements, and creates a concise and comfortable atmosphere defined by classical aesthetics.

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🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2021

No. 040 Semi-detached Model House, No. 3, Yingbin Road, Zhengzhou
Housing Interior Built

Jishe Cultural Creativity (Shanghai) Co., LTD

Andy Ding

Design Team
Chief Designer: Andy Ding, Leo He; Designer: Zhenglin Hao

Zhengzhou, China

United States

©Daqi Zhang

Design needs to resonate with users, and to create impressive, everlasting memory.  As approaching the project, the designers inject a simplistic classical aesthetic into the space, to endow it with a classical yet modern ambience. Grey and white are used as dominate hues, making the entire space pure and stylish, which can deeply touch the occupants.

The design focuses on lines and proportions, and refines details and material combinations. The corridor on the first floor utilizes aesthetic marbles and modern transparent glass to fully showcase a concise and classic aesthetic. Simplicity is one of the core demands of contemporary living, and dwelling spaces should be multi-functional. All of those are fully considered by the designers, who try to create a series of living spaces that can be flexibly adjusted based on the habits and needs of the occupants.

The simplified lines enrich the three-dimensional layering of the space, and meanwhile reduce the heavy feeling of classical lines. With the extension of lines, a more relaxing and elegant atmosphere is produced in the interior.

The spatial design is based on a classical layout, and it also adds some refined details to make the living room more transparent, elegant and charming. The beautiful artworks, exquisite lighting fixtures and fine furniture help create a new artistic and graceful lifestyle.

The open layout, along with marbles, brass and wooden furniture, shows the serenity and charm of simplicity.

The design team tries the best to maximize the daylighting in every space and meanwhile to create smooth circulations.

The soft hues make the rooms fluid, cosy and lively. Moreover, the skilful match of furnishings create a warm and peaceful spatial ambience that is appealing to dwellers.

The master bedroom is well combined with the study, the living room, the walk-in closet and wet and dry bathrooms, to expresses the dwellers’ sense of ceremony, life quality and taste and to increase the intimacy between people and space. The room shows the integration of blue and white tones, and strikes a balance between simplicity and diversity.

The master bathroom has two washbasins, and features a material palette of marbles and wood. When the sunshine penetrates the blinds and gently falls on the huge bathtub, it provides the occupants an amazing experience of connecting with nature from inside to outside.

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