2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner | Fuyang Delta Urban Community Park | Landao Design

This project integrates urban park and community entrance to sets up a three-dimensional traffic mode. There are three main challenges to be consider: First, how to activate innovation of the city interface. Second, how to bring popularity to the area. Third, how to sort out complex traffic flow lines. Starting from the dimension of time shuttle and art freshmen, the design uses geometric elements to intangible design logic. Light was put into the function of runway and footpath as a bridge,and grass was sloped to shape the site into an interesting exploration terrain. After design, all ages can find their fun here,couples can take a walk and talk with each other,elders can dance and socialize, so it becomes a multi-scenario and multi-functional space.

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🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Fuyang Delta Urban Community Park
Landscape Park & Garden Built 

Landao Design

Li Guowei

Design Team
Li Guowei

Fu yang, An hui


©Lu Bin

Background and Challenges

  1. How to improve the utilization rate of urban landscape resources is a major difficulty for the site.
  2. In order to facilitate people’s travel, we hope that people can easily access the water bank in the future. Therefore, how to sort out the complex traffic flow lines in this area is another difficulty of the project.
  3. The project is located in Fuyang Delta, which is the core area of the city. How to bring popularity to the area, make it the hub of urban vitality, and create a different urban experience for people?

Design Goal

We hope to have a dialogue with the waterfront space, using the bridge as a medium to link the city and the waterfront in terms of space and time, and the bridge not only evokes people’s memories, but also witnesses the new life and future possibilities of the site.

Strategic Measures

There are water tower buildings with a sense of history on the West Bank. When we conceive the concept, we want to have a dialogue with them or even with history, no matter in space or time. At the same time, in order to sort out the complex traffic flow lines, the east side receives the relatively large urban traffic flow, and the west side is connected with the waterfront space. The designer built a covered bridge in the site, which connects the past and the present, time and space. In the future, the bridge can reach the waterfront directly, feeling the history and ecology. Under the bridge, the vehicle passage and pedestrian passage are sorted out, and the commercial square and parking control are comprehensively considered. The bridge is of steel structure with a total length of about 300m. At the same time, in order to make the starting end of the bridge convenient and interesting, we spiral the covered bridge up to the highest point of 5m. At the same time, there are turning techniques in both plane and space, so that we can walk on the bridge surface with a comfortable slope (the slope is about 2%) in a limited space, and it is easy to build an interesting three-dimensional space. In addition, the bridge also needs to link the flow of people at the west corner in the future, which becomes a convenient entry point for the community location. The main color of the bridge is orange and white. The orange bridge deck and white railings are 1.15m high, and the safety is also guaranteed. The length is also considered, between the promenade and the runway, hoping to become a medium for residents to adjust their sports quality in the future.

As the north side of the site is community residence and the south side is public green area, the site also needs to meet the necessary evacuation function. From the municipal road connecting the community entrance and exit, we divide the moving line of vehicle and pedestrian by planting, to ensure their own passage space, and form a passenger ring Island space at the entrance, in addition, we need to be able to connect the surrounding public space conveniently, so that the community and the park blend into one without interference. The selection and collocation of plants are also considered. We hope that the design can create a park atmosphere for the site, and the sunlight can leave mottled light and shadow on the lawn. Therefore, we choose large trees with stretched forest canopies such as zelkova trees and Chinese tallow trees as the base trees of the park. As the season changes, they will show different hues and different aesthetic feelings.

In order to bring popularity to this area and make it the hub of urban vitality, in the initial conceptual design stage, the designer hopes to carry out characteristic design for the site pavement. Considering the difficulty and period of stone processing, we can extract the elements of geometric shape, pixel the triangle, and still show the envisaged effect from the whole point of view. In the final disclosure with the construction company, we found that it is difficult to control the effect of butt joint when paving the large surface of small aggregate, and the time period may be longer, so we chose a compromise way to divide the large 2m * 2m special-shaped slab into 100mm * 100mm small-sized slab, which can take into account the construction time period and the effect we want to achieve, and the small-sized stone The durability of the material will be higher, especially in the traffic area. The reason why we choose triangle as our element at first is that considering the stability of its structure, the sense of modeling is also quite eye-catching, whether it is the facade or the plane, it can have a stable aesthetic feeling.

Benefits and Evaluation

The project has established a multi scene and multi-functional aggregation space, which is not only the community entrance place and the space for gathering people at the entrance, but also the space for citizens to gather activities. In the future, it is also the joint connecting the road embankment and the river bank, which provides a reference case for solving the lack of vitality of the local city and forms a new community city relationship chain. It has successfully made the crowd happy to participate. We have designed many places and facilities for participation here, including lawn for running, terrain for skateboarding Park, waterscape facilities for treading water and playing with water, as well as famous art sculptures for participation. Children regard this place as a park to give full play to children’s interests. Couples can take a walk here and talk with the elderly You can dance and socialize here, and all ages can find their own fun here, which will be imprinted in people’s hearts, making people more willing to get close to outdoor places. The surrounding facilities including shopping malls and supermarkets will be developed along with it, and will eventually bring about a virtuous circle of urban vitality creation.

Scheme design: Li guowei, zhou qinghua, zhao chong yi, zhao qinghong, zheng xiaoyue
Construction drawing design: jiang zhenqi, cao guangtao, bai luna
Plant design: yuan qiongxia

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