2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner | Main Entrance Building of The Golden Jubilee Museum of Agriculture | Dersyn Studio Co.,Ltd.

The Golden Jubilee Museum of Agriculture is the place where people can learn how to do agriculture in more sustain ways. The exhibitions with shown at this museum are about sufficiency economy theory, the suggestion from King Rama 9. This Project is about the main entrance building,1st phase of the holistic area of the museum. Physical form and decorations inspired by agriculture and local context of the rural part of Thailand. Many decorations and design refer to the area development which occurred by the royal project of King Rama 9 which based on the sufficiency economy theory. Physical from of the building inspired by the physical form of the rice that bend down to earth.

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🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Main Entrance Building of The Golden Jubilee Museum of Agriculture
Institutional Architecture Concept

Dersyn Studio Co.,Ltd.

Sarawoot Jansaeng-Aram

Design Team
Sarawoot Jansaeng-aram, Nont Komonlasut, Nittaya Mokharat, Prapimporn PraSarnkok, Narathip Deekaew, Narongrit Komkham

Pathumthani, Thailand


©Satit Kochanan

This form may refer to pay respect to the other and community. Multi layered roof form inspired by the physical form of rice kernel and leaf. Exterior wall mainly created by using natural inspired or artisan’s local materials in conform to the core concept of sufficiency economy and sustainable development.

Landscape design also inspired by many of the royal projects from fisheries to plantation project, from river basin development to hill tribe village development. Some area inspired by the royal project regarding rice terrace in the northern part of Thailand.

The project also offered education accessibility to local hill tribe children who live in around 14 villages nearby. The royal project in the northern part of Thailand also offering hill tribe people to have better occupation, social and healthcare. In comparison to their previous occupation as opium plantation and widespread inappropriate agriculture. People not only come to the museum for learning about agriculture and sufficiency economy theory or take a look at the exhibition, but they also come to this pace for social activities, family gathering, exercise, get some fresh products from local farmers.

ARTICLE IN HONORS OF HIS MAJESTY KING BHUMIBOL ABUL YADEJ HONORING A DOWN TO EARTH KING ON WORLD SOIL DAY He sat at the pinnacle of His society, but constitutional ruler King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand was a monarch and a man who was down to earth. For much of His 70 years on the throne – the longest reign of any monarch at the time of His passing–King Bhumibol traveled to the poorest and most remote corners of His Kingdom, sitting on the ground with farmers and villagers, listening to their problems and responding with over 4,000 sustainable development projects to better their lives. Many dealt with improving water, agriculture, livelihoods and health. As one of His closest aides said, however, “we were always confronted with soil issues.”

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